Pioneer TS A6986R A-Series 6X9 4 Way Speakers Review

Hello and welcome to all car owners. Are you looking for the best quality 6″ X 9″ sound speaker for your car music system?  And you might also search for-

  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy installation.
  • Latest model and so on.

I assume, by this time, you must have read lots of reviews about different brands and qualities. But have you found your suitable one? Well, in order to provide your  all requirements, along with lots of extra features, starting with the brand new Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers.

Today my review is all about pioneer 6×9 speakers 4 way system.  I am confident, the specification and configuration of this product will not only satisfy you, but it will provide you extra quality as a gift.

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Overview of Pioneer TS Series – A6986R 4 Way Speaker

The original pioneer 6×9 4-way speakers 600w has made brilliantly. Particularly, pioneer 6×9 TS-A6986R A-Series  has added new aspects in the music lovers. It is made of coaxial technology instead of the component  base and gives you the best sound in 4 ways.  Therefore, you can enjoy the full range of volume by simply sitting in a car.

There are also pioneer 6×9 speakers 5 ways available in the market but I would suggest you go for only pioneer 6×9 speakers 4 way. You will also agree with me after knowing the secret of this audio system.

Core features Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers

Four- way music system:

From the name you can easily understand that, the pioneer 6×9 speakers is an in built system. It offers Woofers, Mid-range, Tweeters and Super tweeters which you can get only in the pioneer 6×9 TS-A6986R A-Series model. It is far better than pioneer 6×9 speakers 3 way model. Is it not exciting? Yes, it is.

Magnetic diaphragm:

If you want to purchase coaxial speakers you should know about diaphragm.  Do you know, pioneer 6×9 speaker box is made of the magnetic diaphragm? This makes the speakers extra strong with more durability.

Pioneer TS-A6986R

Mica matrix cone and elastic polymer:

The cone is made of multilayer mica matrix for more strictness. On the other hand, whole speaker is surrounded by superb elastic polymer instead of the net or other heard materials.

Protective grills:

I promise, you will be fond of this product after seeing its excellent grills. The grills are consisting of stunning design and it is auto-adjustable with speakers. You just have to fix it properly. In addition, it gives extra protection as well as striking looks into your car.

Only 600 Watt power required:

As the car drives on battery system you must check out the power consumption while using speakers and on this purpose, the pioneer 6×9 speaker’s best buy  I would say. Because, you can enjoy four types of music system altogether by using only 600 watts. But if you choose pioneer 6×9 ts-d6902r or other 2 ways or 3 ways model you might get less power specification. However, it is worth to use pioneer 6×9 speakers 4 way in terms of 600 watts.

Outstanding Cooling basket:

For air ventilation it has a superb cooling basket inside the diaphragm. As a result, the speakers will not get hot frequently.  More particularly, it protects power consumption.

“Anti- heat” coiling system:

Sometimes we face wires (coil) burning or damaging problem of speakers and it becomes unusable. Therefore it is important to know, how the wires (coils) are made. Well, for your convenient I would like to tell you that pioneer 6×9 speakers 4 way  coils are made of heat-resistant materials. In this way, it saves the speakers from being burned or damaged.

So, do you want to get pleasure from pioneer 6×9 4-way speakers 600w  now? You can place an order instantly by clicking below. However, let me tells you the hardwares and installation process and I am sure you will never leave the speakers without buying.

Hardwares and Set-up process:

You will get a packet of speaker connector’s screws for adjusting the speakers to the car or door wall. Along with this, you will also found a set of Speaker connections wires. You have to connect the speakers with your sound system with these wires.

Installation is also very simple. You have to attach everything and fix it to the car door or wherever you want. You can also follow manual for better understanding.

Now could you tell me is the features of pioneer 6×9 speakers 4 way matches your all criteria? Therefore, I must say it exceeds your criteria and that is why you should order the product at this time.

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  • Directly can adjust or fit.
  • Less expensive than component speakers.
  • Hefty diaphragm speaker.
  • Pretty in size and shape.
  • It is hands-on and useful.
  • Soft-dome or soft dough tweeter.

  • If you do not want full range speakers then this is not for you.
  • Sound quality is a bit less than component speakers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Is this waterproof?

No, it is not.

Can we use it only for the car?

It is preferable for the car but you can use it in door walls also.

Do you have a warranty?

It has a warranty for 1 year.

Does it come in a pair or single?

It comes in a pair.

What is the shape of the speakers?

It is round shape with protected grill.

At last but not least, each product has some drawbacks. But if you are looking for speakers with affordable price and easy installation pioneer 4 way 6×9 speakers will be the best option for you. In fact, most OEM car audio using this and getting benefitted.  So, finally, I want you to get the same benefit by using this product and make your car as audio home theater.

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