JBL GTO939 6×9 Inch Coaxial Speaker Reviews

Maybe you are one of those people who have a desire of having splendid music system in their car or one of those who want to revive their dull speakers with the top rated coaxial speaker.

Regardless your preference I am going to introduce you with the best coaxial speaker from mighty JBL. Whether you want to make your desire alive or want to replace your dull and deadly speaker with exciting one JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker can be the best preference for you.

A perfect selection of best coaxial speaker will add a new charm in your car’s existing audio quality and can revive your dull and boring music. On the contrary, you have the possibility to experience the inverse effect later you will blame yourself!

I don’t want to see you are blaming yourself, yes I mean it.  Failing to choose the best coaxial speaker for car people blame to themselves, but I won’t let you fail. To make you winner I have chosen the industry winner best coaxial speaker from JBL, let’s know more what makes the speaker best.

Best Coaxial Car Speaker JBL GTO939 Reviews

The JBL GTO939 model is a proud affiliate of highly praised JBL GTO car speakers’ series. This coaxial speaker combines woofer and tweeter onto the same axis, this combination offers the projection of a full range of sound and frequencies from one speaker.

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JBL GTO939 high-fidelity speakers are ideal for the music geek who loves and feel the music. JBL GTO939 is one of the dominated speakers in the car’s audio industry. The speaker is easy to install and the size fits with most of the cars.

The speaker is manufactured in a way that is able to survive year after year even in wired environment. JBL GTO939 used Carbon-injected plus one cone that is able to create excellent bass for the listener. Here soft doom tweeters, dual level tweeter volume adjustment and log impedance jointly fabricate the best sound for the music lovers.

Key Features of the JBL GTO939 Premium 6×9 Inch Coaxial Speaker

Here are the main features of JBL GTO939 Speaker which made best Coaxial Speaker for car.

Patented Plus One Woofer-cone Technology

The carbon injected plus one cone formulates larger cone area than a standard speaker in the same class. Having more cone area, the GTO939 can radiate more air. Besides the carbon-injected cone material also fabricates a lighter and stiffer cone. And the result is better low-frequency response and greater aptitude to produce key musical notes.

Carbon Composite Non-magnetic Frame

The carbon composite non-magnetic frame defies warping when you mount the speakers on an uneven surface. Non-magnetic carbon composite helps to manage the magnetic energy and provide it to the voice to produce accurate sound in your car.

Soft Dome Tweeter

Edge-driven soft dome tweeter design of GTO939 Coaxial car Speaker increases the power handling capacity of the speaker by reducing high-frequency distortion. These tweeters allow lower crossover frequency and have better dispersion characteristics. As a result you will hear better vocal and clarity in the music.

Vented Magnetic Assemblies

The vented magnetic coil used in GBL GTO939 keeps the voice coil cool that increase reliability of greater power handling and reduce power compression thus protect the sound from being distortion.

Excellent Crossover Components

The coaxial speaker is dedicated to12 dB/octave. Here the high-quality crossover components direct the highs and low frequencies to the appropriate driver that ultimately upshot the best possible sound of the speaker.

High Sensitivity

The speaker has sensitivity score of 94db. This high sensitivity provides a wide range of power to deliver sound without overdriving the audio system.

Adjustable Tweeter Level

You can adjust the tweeter output from 0 to +3 decibels to recompense for low and off-axis mounting positions or road noise.

Impedance and Frequency Range

It has 4-ohm low impedance and frequency range of 21-kHz.

jbl gto939 review

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  • Carbon-injected woofers.
  • Built in soft dome tweeter.
  • Vented magnetic assemblies for cooling.
  • Adjustable tweeter level.
  • Specific drivers for specific frequencies.
  • Non-magnetic frame for accurate sound.

  • Peak power handling capacity is below average.
  • Cannot be fitted to some older cars.
  • A typical bolt pattern for 6×9
  • Have to modify to get to work in doors.
  • Package did not come with speaker hardware

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. what is the depth of GTO939?

The depth size of GTO939 is 2-13/16″ 71mm.

2. Is amplifier required for this speaker?

Yes, an amplifier is required to get best sound of this speaker.

3. What is RMS value of GTO939?

The RMS value is 60.

4. How does this perform with high volume?

it performs very well with high volume.

5. Does this speaker is suitable for placing in the rear side of the car?

Normally it fits in the rear panel, but sometimes depends on car model.

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Final thought

If you are planning to buy a pair of coaxial speakers to make your desire alive, or to replace your dull and deadly speaker with exciting one, JBL GTO0939 can be the best preference for you.

This coaxial speaker for the car is from Los Angeles based well chatted audio brand JBL’s GTO series. Normally the GTO series is well accepted to the audio enthusiast for its high sensitivity score, soft dome tweeter, magnetic frame and other edge driven technology.

Moreover, one thing is certain that who are going to upgrade or replace their speakers with these best coaxial car speakers will be satisfied.

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