Anker SoundCore Sport XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Car

today we discuss Anker SoundCore Sport XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Car. Even a few years ago, we had to maintain a cover that is sometimes double than the size of our phone to protect it from dust and shock. The same thing we also did to protect our home theater and speaker from dust, shock, and water (when we were on the beach). Though this wrapping strategy protects the speakers from setbacks, it spoils the sound accuracy of the speakers.

There is a saying that the wires of electronic gadgets are like modern-day teenage relationships. It does not matter how much you care; it will create consent continuously. Moreover, at times, we were too tired to find the best-fitted cable or jack to connect speakers with the devices.

You won’t find a person who did not experience those wired situations, but at this time you can be free from those wired situations if you wish!

Yes, you heard right! The Anker sound core Sports XL outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate solution of all of those problems. The Anker sport assembles new edge technology with great sound accuracy.

Are you ready to get new experience?

Let’s uncover more about this top rated waterproof speaker.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL Review

The Anker sound core Sport XL outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker is a great combination of performance and protection. You can enjoy a crisp, energetic sound with impressive volume indoor or outdoor with this speaker.

It facilitates 15 hours long battery life with 4.1 dynamic Bluetooth system, so you don’t have to be bothered to manage a jack for playing music. The manufacturer concentrates on performance as well as protection of the speaker to furnish you with the ultimate joy of hangout.

The manufacturer has taken every single step to protect the speaker from common threats. The speaker is IP67 certified waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

This Sport XL speaker is the best option for adventurous people who love to hang out with friends and families and often go on a long drives.

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Key Features of Anker Sport XL Waterproof Speaker

Here are the main features of Anker SoundCore Sport XL waterproof speaker.

Powerful Audio Technology:

The Anker Sport XL is made with powerful audio technology here the 8W stereo speakers provide crisp and dynamic sound with impressive clarity; furthermore the dual passive subwoofers are able to produce rumbling bass that adds extra charm to the music.

Powerful Bluetooth:

The speaker has 4.1 Bluetooth that connects instantly with any device and the connection persists around 66 feet from the speaker. So you can take your phone further distance without losing connection and make or receive hands-free calls through the built-in noise-canceling microphone.

Tough and Durable:

The speaker is IP67 certificated waterproof that ensures the definitive protection of the speaker under the water up to a 1-meter water level. SoundCore Sport XL is also dustproof and shockproof that will guarantee the smooth function of the speaker in the dusty environment and after being dropped.

Long-lasting battery life:

Though the Anker SoundCore XL is the best waterproof speaker and mainly concentrates on protection, it also cared about the longer playing for the users. The Anker used High-capacity lithium-ion battery along with Anker’s industry-leading power management system in this speaker.

The battery is rechargeable and capable of ensuring 15-hours nonstop playing.

Built-In USB Charging:

You can use the speaker as a source of power for your phone or tab. It has a 5V 1A USB output using this port you can power up your phone or tab when you are outdoor or traveling.


You will get along with the speaker a Micro USB cable, hand strap, and a welcome guide with the instruction of how to use this speaker properly.


  • Solid protection against dust, water and shock.
  • 4.1 advanced Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 15hours battery life.
  • Charging facility.
  • 8W stereo speakers.
  • Dual passive subwoofers.


  • Old design.
  • Multipurpose buttons create confusion, takes a long time to adjust to.
  • No extra features.

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Faq’s for Anker SoundCore Sport XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

1. Can this speaker float in water?

Not completely, it floats like a lead weight.

2. Does this speaker have better bass than the Anker premium speakers?

It’s hard to say but indisputably the speaker produces great bass.

3. Does it offer a built-in microphone?

Yes, it does.

4. Can I charge it like Smartphone?

Yes, you can it is rechargeable.

5. can I answer calls using this speaker?

Yes. You can answer.

Final Verdict

Today’s multinational companies’ strategy is that they focus on a special feature for every product so that buyers be amazed and purchase that product.

Basically, it’s hard to find a product that can satisfy everything we want to have. If a product has good performance, it sacrifices the protection, and other one has great protection, but has average performance.

The specialty of this Anker SoundCore Sport XL is that it combines both solid protection and rigid performance in one box and stands out.

It has great protection against dust, shock and water and 8w speaker along with dual subwoofer to produce crispy & crunchy sound for the music lovers. So, it deserves attention of every guy who love to go anywhere lively.

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