Different Type of Car Speakers

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Car speakers are categorized in 5 different types that should ideally be integrated with every vehicle for the finest listening experience. The types are stated below.

1. Tweeters Speaker
Tweeters are responsible for producing high-frequency sounds. The high-frequency sound includes crashing cymbals, blaring alto saxophone, and whistles. The tweeter also produces the vocals, guitars, horns and other high range sounds that make the music sparkle and live. Tweeters are also essential for apposite surrounding effect of the music so that the listener realize that the sounds are coming from the around of him rather than one explicit side.

How Tweeter Works:
A traditional speaker fabricates sound by using an electromagnet to move a flexible cone back and forth. On the other side a tweeter moves a flexible cone or a diaphragm to and fro very quickly to produce the sound waves.

2. Super Tweeters Speaker
Super tweeters generate greater range of sound frequencies than tweeters. The super tweeter is one kind of speaker driver that projected to produce ultra-range frequencies in a multi-driver sound system. Super tweeter is used to get royalistic and realistic sound experience from the car stereo. It is used in component speaker system which operates crossover units to direct all the ultra-range frequencies straight to the super tweeter. Adding super tweeter in a car speaker system is the utmost arrangement for listening music.

3. Midrange Speaker
Midrange, the name says the duty of this speaker driver. It crafts a bridge between two different types’ frequencies. Midrange deals the sound between high frequencies and low frequencies. This range of speaker is essential because it is able to fabricate a lot of details that a woofer and a tweeter cannot. A mid-range speaker driver produces sound at the frequency of 250Hz to 2000Hz; it is also identified as a squawker. A mid-range speaker is called the most requisite part of the audible sound scale, the region where the most fundamentals emitted by the musical apparatus and the human voice lie.

4. Woofers Speaker
A woofer is a technical synonym of the loudspeaker driver. The woofer is designed to produce low frequencies such as grunge guitars or bass drums; typically the frequencies range from 40Hz to 500 Hz. The universal design for a woofer is the electrodynamics driver which usually uses a stiff paper cone driven by a voice coil enclosed by a magnetic edge. In a full-range speaker system woofer is the superior bottom section of the speaker. The woofer is a multifaceted member of full-range speaker system, but in the component system, it covers a particular range of low frequencies.

5. Subwoofers Speaker
The subwoofer is like a treat for bass lover. The subwoofer is one kind of woofer which produces lowest frequencies of a sound system. The standard frequency range of a subwoofer varies on different entities. The standard range for a consumer product is 20-200Hz, for professional live sound is below 200 Hz. A subwoofer is large in size and it requires its own corral. An amplifier is needed to power up the subwoofer then it will be ready to produce boosted bass sound that is much deeper and heavier than normal sound. In this scientific world powerful subwoofer becomes the central focal point of car audio system’s competition.

Wrapping It Up
Hey pal, have I made you little bit confused with so many options? Please don’t be. You can check out our comparison table to make the whole things much easier. Just focus on the sound quality you want and then see which type of car speaker produces that. Remember you need one; not five. Don’t choose one because your best buddy has it. You should always consider your taste, preference, and listening experience expectations while deciding about the type of the car speaker.

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