Why Soundbar Is Better Than Surround Sound System

With the advancement of technology, electronic devices are becoming thinner and smaller. Like other devices, TV size is also getting smarter. With the smaller size, the sound quality gets hideous.

The sound is the gem of the scene. It helps you understand and enjoy the movie or any program telecast on the TV.

However, you can find hundreds of audio devices sold separately to enhance audio quality. Not only soundbar but also surround sound system is getting favorite to the audiophile. However, with the popularity, a confusion and quibble also arise.

Which is the best among the duos?


As an audiophile, you can’t satisfy with the built-in speaker of the TV. Instead, a soundbar will be an excellent choice if you want a clear and ecstatic sound. It feels you are in the stadium while watching a live game. Through the soundbar, you can also experience the surround sound system by applying some tricky techniques.

So, what is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a bar included two or more speakers inside a cabinet which spreads sound from the central point. Like other audio systems, a soundbar also needs to be plugged in the output of your device. In fact, the soundbar is now compatible with all the devices available in the market.

Although, soundbars needed to be plugged in the primitive stage of its era, you can now stream audio sound by using Bluetooth to your devices.

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What is Surround Sound System

Surround sound system displays the way of listening sound from its name. In a surround sound system, several speakers are placed in the different places of the room, and all of them are connected through the wire with a single main unit.

So, when you listen to a song, it seems that you get the sound from every corner of the room. Sometimes it feels interesting, but most of the times it feels awkward.

Surround sound system is mostly used in the hall room, auditoriums or any other more extensive places. Also, the home theatre is an excellent companion of using the sound system to experience the user the feeling of the box office in the home. Though it provides precise sound, it costs an arm and a leg compared to the other sound systems like the soundbar.

Why you should choose Soundbar over Surround Sound System

Soundbar vs Surround Sound SystemAs thousands of audio products available, quality and performance depend on the device and system you use. However, best soundbars are going ahead instead of the best surround sound system. By the way, if you are still obsessed with the surround system or soundbar, here you can have a look to clear your misconception.

So, stick with me here…


As soundbar has no speakers outside the cabinet or bar, you needn’t get any hassle to plug in several audio devices. Set your soundbar anywhere in your room and plug-in with your TV or Blu-ray. The soundbar will be automatically installed with the sound source and played. In fact, all the soundbars are compatible with latest technological devices.

On the contrary, surround sound system has too many speakers to set around the room. Every speaker has to be plugged into the main speaker. It’ll kill your time. Even most of the time, the speakers can be detached at any time for no reason.

So, for easy installation: soundbar must be a win over surround sound system.

Room Size

Room size plays a significant role in choosing sound system. If you’re in a roomy place, surround sound system will be a great choice. Several speakers of the system will provide a great value for listening music. It feels you’re in the world of music. Furthermore, if you watch games, the system will experience you watching the game sitting in the stadium.

Here, soundbar lags behind the surround system. However, of course, I have to say that, soundbar will be the best choice if you live in a personal smaller room you like. You may not be feeling the widespread sound, but the sound is coming from the TV is a great inspiration.

Winner: surround sound system for the spacious room but soundbar for the small and personal room.

Sound Quality

When you’re watching Avengers: Infinity war or Game of Thrones or Friends, you must expect sound is coming from the source like TV. Even you may not like to listen to dialogue from your back when you watch the scenario in front of you. Here, the soundbar is far ahead of any other audio tools. It helps you listen the true sound of the scene.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, surround sound receiver can’t sound precisely for listening to the movie. It can be top stuff for listening music or watching the game. For instances, if you want to have an experience home theater, you can feel it impressive.

Remarkably, the soundbar is still the winner for sound quality.


And here is the final key factor of why soundbars outperform the surround-sound bar. Soundbars price is comparatively awardable to the surround system. Usually, it comes with 30-inch to 54-inch. In most cases, price depends on the soundbar size. However, you should also consider the quality and the performance.

However, when you choose the size, always remember the size of your TV or Blu-Ray. Mismatch of TV and soundbar may not produce the best sound quality you expect. The soundbars are available from $50 to $1500 and more.

On the contrary, as surround system comes with 5.1 or 7.1 channel speakers, it’ll cost excessively expensive. The entry-level home-theater may cost $300 to $1000 while you have to expense about $1000 to $5000 or more for a mid-level box. Finally, if you want to pursue the latest technology home theater for the spacious place, the cost will reach about $10000.


Admittedly, soundbar and home theater system produce great sound for TV and other devices. The soundbar is quite ahead of theater box in some cases you profoundly want. It is compatible with all the devices and convenient to use. By contrast, soundbars have been upgrading with so many latest features, i.e., wireless, Bluetooth.

Finally, to make matters more explicit, the soundbar is the excellent choice for the small room or personal interest. On the contrary, wireless surround

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