Yamaha YST SW012 8 Inch Active Subwoofer Reviews

Yamaha YST-SW012

Welcome to heolospeakers, Now you are reading Yamaha YST SW012 review because you are looking for the subwoofer for your car. Well,  Let’s know first, what is a subwoofer? A subwoofer is a loudspeaker unit that is designed to deliver immensely low audio frequencies known as bass sound. The car proprietor usually installs the subwoofer … Read more

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As technology is getting advanced, the products are getting thinner and thinner. But sound never compromises with the size. Even the latest model TV or home theatre can’t give you the utmost satisfaction if you want director-produced or studio-made sound. Even as an Arrow fan, you can’t differentiate the sound effects and dialogues without a … Read more

How to Change Your Car Speaker

I am bored with the sound of this speaker. This speaker has no bass at all. This speaker gets temperate within a short time. I want a more clear and live sound. I assume these lines are rounding up in your mind, and you want to be relaxed by changing your speaker, am I wrong? … Read more

Polk Audio PSW505 12 Inch Powered Subwoofer Reviews

What is the definition of the ‘perfect bass’? When you turn the sound on and those cones of the components start to tremble back and forth with every wave, when low-frequency notes make a smooth but deep “boom boom” sound without any distortion or unpleasant noise, that’s when you know that you’re experiencing the ‘perfect … Read more

How To Measure Car Speakers Size Yourself

Do your father’s shoes fit on you? Or do your shoes fit on your younger brother? No way! For a great walking experience, we need the best-fitted shoes. The same way for excellent sounds experience, you have to find the best-fitted sound speaker for your car.  Finding the best-fitted speaker allied with having nuts and … Read more

Best Car Sound System Brand in The World

Hello, I am Robert, your marketing lecturer for next 50 seconds! (Just kidding.) Do you know the term word of mouth? In the original sense, ‘word of mouth is a way of passing information one to another through oral communication. In the marketing sense ‘word of mouth is a process of spreading a product or … Read more