How to Upgrade Your car Speakers

You are searching for a guide to upgrading your car speakers, am I right? I think I am.

It is a neo-natural fact for the human being that he always wants to upgrade his existing lifestyle, and it’s rational. If you are going through this article in your 2/4 GB RAM Smartphone or PC, I am sure you have a desire to formulate it into 8/16 GB within a short time. To keep pace with this changing world, we have to upgrade our taste, our gadget, our accessories and many more. Though I can’t assist you to upgrade your life lifestyle, I will lend you a hand to upgrade your car speakers for better sound experience.

Why We Upgrade Car Speakers?

  • To increase clarity of the sound.
  • To enjoy excellent bass of the music.
  • To satisfy the hunger of updated demand.
  • To transform dull and dim sound into exciting one.

You can upgrade your car sound by upgrading your stereo system as well as upgrading your speakers. Here I will be guiding you how to improve your car sound quality by upgrading your speakers. You can upgrade your speaker in three ways. They are…

  1. Adding new premium speakers.
  2. Adding amplifier.
  3. Adding a subwoofer.

Let’s know in details how to do it

1. Upgrading Speakers’ Sound Quality Adding New Premium Speakers

You can upgrade your sound directly adding new premium speakers. A pair of speakers with premium specification within your budget limit can boost up your car sound. As premium speakers cost more than normal speakers, you can primarily concentrate on installing them in your nearest car door panel. After this you can gradually go for other doors, front speakers, and rear speakers.

Steps in Upgrading Speakers by Purchasing New Speakers

Step-1: Note down your existing speakers’ measurement.

Step-2:  Set your budget limit.

Step-3:  Find a set of speakers that fits with your budget and measurement.

Step-4: Purchase the speakers.

Step-5: Remove the parts of your car sequentially to install new speakers.

Step-5: Remove the old speakers from your stereo system.

Step-7: Install speakers using right pieces of tools and drivers.

Step-8: justify the sound of new speakers.

How to Upgrade Your car Speakers

2. Upgrading Speakers Sound Adding an Amplifier

You can upgrade your speakers providing them more power by adding an amplifier. The added power will heighten your sound.

Here are the Steps of How You Add an Amplifier in Your Car (Step By Step).

Match your amplifier with your speakers.

An amplifier has its designated power and impedance rating. So get a perfect match amplifier for your speakers.

Destroy the car’s electric system power.
You can kill the power of your car electric system disconnecting the battery ground connector. This disconnection will prevent any kind of injury or damage while working.

Place your amplifier in a safe position.

You have to ensure enough space for the amplifier to vent. For safety, you can place it under or behind the seat. An open trunk space is ideal for placing amplifier.

Connect your amplifier with head unit.

Using RCA cables you can connect your amplifier with car’s head unit. RCA cables ordain the wire and dampen any distortion of the signal.

Power your amplifier.

The amplifier should be connected through a power controlling switch; then you can turn on or off your amplifier when you need.

Ground the amplifier.

You have to connect the amplifier’s ground wire to another wire or any grounding point on the car.

Connect the positive terminals with speakers.

Here you will see two terminals one is positive, and another is negative. Connect both terminals with your speaker’s respective points. Now your amplifier is ready for use.

3. Upgrading Speakers Sound Adding a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer, even a small one can fetch a dramatic effect on the aggregate performance of car’s sound system. If you are a bass lover, the subwoofer will add a new dimension to your everyday musical experience.

Steps in Setting up a Subwoofer in Your Car (Step By Step)

Step-1: Choose a subwoofer that matches with your stereo.

Step-2: Collect the parts and gather tools for installation.

Step-3: Choose an amplifier and speaker.

Step-4: Ensure safe connection of the wires with remote, audio and other points.

Step-5: Put the speaker in the box.

Step-6: Step up the connectors with the amplifier.

Step-7: Connect the power to the battery.

Step-8:  Enjoy the music loud.

Some Other Ways You Can Upgrade Your Speaker Sound

Other than these most popular upgrading methods, there are some other ways of upgrading car’s speakers. Those are stated in the following pages.

1. Replacing Factory radio.

Installing a new receiver can make any system’s sound better. A new receiver will provide more power to the speaker that means you will get more sound from speakers. The new receiver will receive actual bits and sound of the music that will provide you the real taste of music.

2. Stop using crappy music files.

You have installed everything you need to upgrade your sound system, but you are using 190 kbps music file, intimately you will be disappointed again. Select the best quality music file to enjoy the genuine music with your upgraded sound system.

3. Adjust the sound setting.

Nowadays we play music from our Smartphone or Tab in our car. When you play using your gadget, adjust the sound setting of the car with your gadget.

4. Use a thumb driver other than phone or tab.

You can you use a thumb driver for playing music in your car. Your phone has a digital audio converter or DAC. If your cars stereo is already good, to begin with its DAC is probably better than your phone DAC. So you will enjoy more clear sound if you set your music on a thumb driver merely connect via a USB.

5. Add some deadening to your car.

Noise cancellation can make your music charming and enjoyable. The quieter you can make all that clatter from the road the better you will enjoy the music. Using sound deadening mats on your door panel you can reduce outside noise.

The 9 Practical Steps of Speaker Upgrading Process

Step-1: Go and sit in your car, close the doors and windows.

Step-2: Play your favorite music.

Step-3: Concentrate on your music.

Step-4: Find out what is missing in the music sound, is it clarity? Is it bass?

Step-5: Note down what you need to improve.

Step-6:  fix your estimated budget.

Step-7: Find best-fitted accessories for your car.

Step-8: Install properly.

Step-9: Enjoy!

Final Thought

Upgrading is an alternative way of enjoying new sound without purchasing a new car. In this case, you are smart. Follow these steps and enjoy new sound in your old car.

Caution: Here every step is related with electrical power circulation.  Don’t do it yourself if you are not an expert.

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