How to Set Up a Soundbar for Maximum Sound

Mr. John’s recently owned an apartment with a 10 ft × 12 ft bedroom. His new apartment is filled with almost all the nice aesthetics, especially his TV that costs more than two thousand dollars.

He’s happy with everything he bought, except the sound quality of his television. That’s the thing that sucks. He often airs his discontent on it. He thinks his expensive TV is good for nothing. Now he’s up to sell it off.

No doubt that’s a wrong decision which will cause him a big loss. He can be relieved of this by spending even no more than hundred bucks.

Know how???

Keep reading. We are about to share a secret!

Why You Should Consider Buying a Soundbar?

Our televisions usually have the speakers in the back, and they project sounds behind the TVs instead of towards those who are watching. Thus, the sound is bounced off the ceilings and walls around the TV set resulting in poor quality of sound and forcing us to turn the volume up.

Here comes soundbar, a simple booster speaker with a built-in amplifier, easier to install. You’ll be amused with your TV sound quality changed by it as compared to the built-in speakers.

You can also buy an expensive setup like surround sound speakers, but you can avoid all those expenses with a fine soundbar.

Different Kinds of Soundbar:

There are many ways to improve your TV sound quality. Depending upon strengths and weakness there are different type of soundbars– the speaker-only soundbars, the soundbar with surround expansion option and the soundbar with wireless subwoofer.

We’re describing them below.

Speaker-only Soundbar

It spreads far better sound than the TV speakers you usually hear. It can meet all that you’d expect. It’s placed under the TV.

You could even use a subwoofer output with a separate wired subwoofer. Moreover, you’ll have various choices in upgrading the quality of your TV sound.

Soundbar with Surround Expansion Option

Left, center and right- these three channels are handled by this soundbar, letting you experience 5.1 surround sounds. You can also use small surround speakers which are hardwired to subwoofer located at the back of the room where the surrounds are to be placed.

Without buying an AV (audio/video) receiver, you can have a cool way to get 5.1 surround sound with the soundbar.

Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

You won’t get very high bass but enough punch and boom in the low end with it. This system is wireless and can be placed anywhere you want. All you need to do is to plug it in.

This soundbar does not only maintain beautiful look in your room but also provides you with extra low-frequency you didn’t experience before.

It’ll really make you enjoy any movie you watch. These aren’t so expensive, and you can have subwoofer and soundbar both in a package.

How to Set Up a SoundbarPlacing a Soundbar

While you’re selecting a soundbar, you need to get answers for the following questions-

  • What type of inputs and outputs does your TV have on its back?
  • How big is your TV?
  • Is it wall-mounted, or does it sit on a stand?
  • Is there enough space left behind its stand or room for a subwoofer?

You can put the soundbar on the same stand just in front of your TV or mount it on the wall below the set. But the TV’s infrared (IR) receiver may be blocked by the soundbar in case of HDTVs and large soundbars placed in front of the set; otherwise, there’s no problem.

If such problem arises as the bar comes in the way, the easiest solution is- to put inexpensive sound bar brackets above your television.

Although many soundbars operate without the support of any hardware or software, you might want to consider using additional speakers. Yes, there are some other bars coming up in the market with a companion subwoofer. Before making a purchase, look if the models are labeled “2.1”. That means the system will offer two channels of sound with a subwoofer.

There are also sound pedestals or wireless satellite speakers people use to experience a different quality of sound. Sound pedestals have a similar profile like other bar brethren, but they take an entire base for the TV to sit on. You can get better bass from them than subwoofer-less soundbars.

Wireless satellite speakers belong to a new area while our aim mainly is to upgrade the cheap and simple plug-&-play soundbar for getting maximum sound quality.


Make sure you select the soundbar with the right connections for your TV and other gears while you’re going to buy one. If you can’t connect it to your television, no matter how cool it is it’s worthless.

Most of the users find the HDMI ports and optical audio ports very useful. If your TV doesn’t have any optical audio ports, plug the devices you use like cable box, game console and Blu-ray player into the soundbar and send the video through to your TV. If your TV has optical audio ports, you may use this way or plug all devices you use into the TV and let the audio go out to the soundbar.

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As a simple receiver for many devices, multi-port models like Yamaha YSP 2220 are extremely good as you can pipe in sound from multiple high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) sources with the HDMI ports or from older video game system with the analog ports.

Other Traits for Maximum TV Sound with a Soundbar


There are lots of models in the market which have this feature. You may want to stream music instantly to the soundbar with this ability. Bluetooth pairing is one of the common features that enables you to connect your phone or another Bluetooth device to the speaker for audio playback. Maybe you cannot avoid it.


There are some soundbars that have built-in support for Wi-Fi connectivity and clients for popular streaming services like Spotify, Pandora etc. Depending on the speakers and other key factors, soundbars are marked with various features and they provide smart TV functionality like supporting Netflix etc.

Summing Up

In the end, we say if you aren’t fully satisfied with your amazing expensive TV only because of the bad sound it spreads, then don’t plan to get rid of it. Just buy a suitable soundbar and see how it turns your gloomy face happy. A proper soundbar can make your television sound much better than a defective speaker.

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