How to Make Your Car Speakers Sound Better

Can you stay in the car for long without listening to any music?

Probably your answer is “No” as expected.

Well, music system on the car isn’t really crucial to the transportation process, but most of the people switch it on anyway.

Many bear marginal sound quality of their car systems that they can’t stand at all at home. No doubts a car is a perfect place to enjoy music, but our question is “do your car speakers sound decent when you switch them on?”

Some people get high-end sound equipment for their cars and make mistake in setting them up, which bars the entire system to attain its full potential unless the cars came with a premium brand option such as THX, Mark Levinson or Bose system.

You don’t have to put up with the bad sound your car speakers deliver. So, explore some of our suggestions to enhance your car speakers for better sound and feel a real difference.

Look Over What’s Needed

Your potential amount of money can be saved if you check out what you actually need to improve your car audio system.

Why will you have to buy speakers that just don’t meet your needs? Depending on what you want, it’s, in fact, a complex thing in the complete process.

In about all cases, choices vary from person to person: some people love a big bass when others love medium one, some like it full of rocks and others like mild one.

However, we all want our car sound systems to enrich music with clear, pleasant and natural sound. And of course, without spending too much on it.

speakers sound

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If you want the car speakers to fulfill your desires, take a careful look at the existing setup to find out what you need. Or, you can evaluate your needs by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do you wish your car speakers to do?
  • What features do you expect to be in your car’s stereo system?

This’ll help you look over your needs on improving your car speakers. Once you have the answers, move to the next step.

Select the Speakers

Select your car speakers by doing research and reading some reviews online. It’ll take some time to get the best ones for the car. For the car audio speaker units which are considered fine, you can pick from the brands like JBL, Polk Audio or Kenwood.

Your car configuration and design will determine what type of speakers you need to pick. Normally, 6×9-inch units are selected for the front car door speakers when 6.5-inch units are chosen for the rear deck speakers.

There are various models of car speakers available in the market you can select from. All sound components of a car stereo depend on the speakers, so they are the most important component of the sound system.

Go for the Receiver

There are a variety of receivers with a huge combination of functionalities like Bluetooth, satellite radio and so on. You need to know that the head unit is the most important part of your car audio system.

It’s better to have a head unit that features a large touchscreen so that it looks cool when music is on.

Various models of head units include single din head units, double din head units and digital media receiver. For the head units operate as sound system’s interface, you need to look for the usability in car’s head unit.

So, when you’re going to buy car speakers, make sure the car receiver features Bluetooth compatibility, customizable display, satellite radio availability, HD radio & Pandora internet radio, MIXTRAX, USB inputs remote control and steering wheel control compatibility.

Use Component Speakers

The component speaker is a car audio speaker for optimal sound quality formed by a pair of tweeters and mid-bass drivers matched with a crossover to limit the frequency range each speaker reproduces.

Installing component speakers is a complex process. We suggest that you set the component tweeters and crossovers upfront, moving full range speaker units from the first step to the car’s rear deck.

It adds more realism to music with an outstanding sound imaging.

Add an Amplifier

Receivers/head units aren’t naturally powerful enough to drive the entire audio system of a car, so amplifiers are used as boosters.  Amplifiers come with various channels, but the more number of channels the better sound you get.

You can use two of the channels to power the front-mounted speakers and the other two to power a subwoofer. People usually use four channels amps to power front and rear speakers, but five channels amps are the best as they allow you to power the whole sound system.

With an external multiple channel amplifier, you can add new components as you want. They’re more flexible than the factory units.

Install a Subwoofer

While making the purchase of a subwoofer, don’t forget to examine these elements- frequency range, sensitivity, size, type, rating, RMS power handling and impedance.

Five channels amplifiers will allow you to use the fifth extra channel for driving the sub but an extra single channel amp is required in case of four channel amp.

A subwoofer makes us enjoy the bass we miss. There’re various subs available in the market.

After getting a subwoofer, put it inside a suitable enclosure because installing the sub in a wrong enclosure greatly affects its performance.

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Slot Sound-Deadening Materials

 Because of road noise and sources of external crosstalk, getting a good sound from the car speaker can be hampered. To cut down on noise, slot “Dynamat” as sound-deadening or damping materials into your door panels.

It’s an easy process. You just pop each panel off, slide in the sheets of Dynamat and then put the panels back on. You can do the same on the inside of your car hood or under the carpet. Similar damping materials are also available to prevent vibrations.

Final Words

In closing, we would like to assure you that building a car audio system isn’t too complicated process. The steps we described above have broken the topic down to a much easy and simple concept. We believe implementing our suggestions will help you make your car speakers sound better.

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