How To Install Subwoofer In a Car

Yesterday I bought a subwoofer for my car, but I am not sure whether I would be able to install it as it should be or not.

I want to replace/upgrade my current subwoofer. I have already chosen a model for replacement/upgradation. But can’t dare to buy it as I don’t know how to install a subwoofer perfectly.

A few days ago, I purchased a subwoofer and requested one of my friends to install it in my car, but unfortunately he was too busy to help me with that. I wish I could install my subwoofer by myself!

As you are going through my words, I am sure you are one of those and in quest of a perfect solution.

I wish I could help you to install your subwoofer!

Yes, you read right. Though it’s not possible physically, I can still help you with my guide.

So, Let’s Figure Out How To Install Subwoofer In a Car.

Are You Ready To Go?

Installing a Subwoofer in a Car

Subwoofers are specialized speakers that are dedicated to the reproduction of low notes or audio frequencies. They are popular to music lovers as they produce deep and strong bass. The addition of a subwoofer can gear up the sound accuracy of the existing speakers.

Subwoofers come in various sizes and shapes. Among all unpowered subwoofers are the most common type of subwoofer besides. There are powered subwoofers, ready-made subwoofers, and Pre-fabricated sub enclosures in the car audio market.

Here I will guide you through the common steps to install a typical subwoofer in the car.

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Essentials Tools You Need to Install a Subwoofer

  • A pair of speakers and amplifier.
  • Subwoofer wring kit (including all necessary wires).
  • RCA cables (both red and white).
  • In-line fuse, 50 amps or higher.
  • Some speaker wires.
  • Subwoofer box that has a hole as the same size of the speaker.
  • Other basic tools.

7 Easy Steps of How To Install Subwoofer In a Car

Here are 7 easy step of subwoofer installation. Hope you will find the best solution for this …….

Step-1: Get the perfect amplifier, speaker, and subwoofer for the car

For installing a subwoofer you need a pair speakers and an amplifier, so your first job is to get perfect match speaker, subwoofer, and amplifier for your car stereo.  Before start installation make sure that your subwoofer RMS and impedance (ohms) are correctly or closely matched with your speakers’ and amplifier’s RMS and impedance (ohms). RMS is the amount of power a speaker/subwoofer can continuously have sent to it without any setback. The RMS is also the volume of power an amplifier can consistently put out without being overheated.

Step-2: Wire arrangement

You can purchase a subwoofer wiring kit or go to an electronics store to purchase a 20-feet, and 3-feet strand of 8 gauge insulated wire for power, 15 feet of 16 gauge wire for remote and a minimum of 15 foot RCA cables (including Red and White jacks). Additionally, you have to purchase a 50 amp (or higher) in-line fuse and a couple of strands of speaker’s wire.

Step-3: Wiring

Wiring is most crucial part of subwoofer installation, and you have to do it carefully to avoid damages.

Firstly, run the 20 feet strand of wire from the battery to your amplifier through the existing hole in the firewall under the carpet of your car (if possible along the right side of the car).  Secondly, connect and tape 2/3-feet of wire to the fuse from the battery.

Finally, Ground the wire to a piece of the car’s metal 2/3 feet from where the amplifier will be placed; this is your main power line. Moreover, along with the same way under the carpet, run the 15-feet piece of wire and the RCA cables.

Step-4: Connect the RCA cables

Now you need to take the stereo head unit out. The removing process varies from model to model. However, it typically requires you either take off the front of the center console, or you use a tool to slide the stereo head out of the special clip. Now connect the RCA cables with the connectors. After that, splice your remote wire to the blue and white wire in the backside of your stereo system.

Step-5:  Connect with amplifier

Finally connect the power, remote and the speakers’ wires to the appropriate connectors of the amplifier. Make sure you connect the connectors securely.

Step-6: Mounting the subwoofer

After connecting the connectors with the amplifier, mount the subwoofer and speakers into a box and place it on the rear panel of your vehicle.

Step-7:  Enjoy your favorite track

Reinstall the stereo system into the dash of your car and connect the power wire to the battery to play your favorite track in you newly installed subwoofer. Enjoy every beat of the music that once you desire to have.

One More Advice!

If you think these installation steps are out of your comfort zone, then please go for a technician who is good at in subwoofer installation.

Wrapping It Up

I believe that you are now confident enough to install your subwoofer as well as your friend’s one. Follow these steps perfectly to get best possible sound from your subwoofer.

As I care about you, one thing I want to remind you it’s an electronics device and has some sensitive issues, so do it carefully to avoid any unexpected incident. Otherwise, seek the assistance of an expert. I wish once again that you will do it by yourself.

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