Dead Car Battery? Here’s How to charge a car battery

If you are a car owner, surely you have faced this situation before.

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this you try again, and it still won’t start.

Annoying isn’t it?

Now let’s face it. There are various reasons the car battery could die. Car batteries like optima, Exide battery can run for at least five years without having to be recharged or replaced. But the finest car batteries will even run out of power or lose their charge prematurely.

Keep reading, and you’ll find out how to charge a car battery.

2 Simple Ways to Charge a Car Battery

A battery that doesn’t take charge anymore needs to be replaced with a brand new one. That’s quite straight-forward, right?


You can save a good deal by changing it yourself. Before anything else let’s talk about when to charge your battery.

When to charge a car battery?

If you are using a charger, a 10 amp charger will roughly take 4 to 11 hours to charge fully. In contrast, a 2 amp charger needs 2-4 days. Normally you don’t have to get a battery to full charge to start the car.

Now let’s see how to charge a car battery at home.

Method 1: How to Charge a Car Battery with a Charger

Safety is the top priority. So take the appropriate safety gear first.  Things you need:

  • Protective eyeglass
  • Gloves

Make sure there are no children in that surrounding or area while you work as sparks could fly.

Now come to the point. First and foremost, determine what kind of car battery you have. Yes, to charge your battery properly, first you should identify what type of battery you have. Usually, you can find this written on the batter.

Why is it important?

Well, it’s vital because you will get the voltage direction on the manual or label. Normally we see two types of the car battery charger. These are:

  • Wet cell batteries
  • VRLA Batteries

Now you know which charger is appropriate for your battery. So pick the charger. Except Gel Cell batteries, most chargers work ok for all types of batteries.

We don’t recommend trying the older battery. It shouldn’t be left alone for overcharging for extended periods.

Again, read the charger’s manual to ensure you are using the particular unit correctly. It’s better to disconnect the battery before charging or any repair. Also, clean the battery terminal before charging.

Method 2: How to Charge a Car Battery Without Charger

The popular method is also known as jump starting. You also get jump start car service near you. But before jump starting, check out the physical appearance of the battery, it should be intact. Don’t try this method if it shows the sign of cracks or leaks.

Don’t forget to use the protective gear for safety. Verify the cables attached to your battery are free of corrosion as well as fully secure. How to jump-start a dead battery?

Let’s see the process step by step:

  • Step 1: Park both functioning car and your car face to face.
  • Step 2: use a jumper cable to attach two batteries
  • Step 3: Start that functioning car to get the require charging.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the cable and enjoy the vehicle to run.

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