5 Best surface mount car speakers

Your driving mood depends on the music you are listening to. Isn’t it? Yes, of course. And it can change your attitude as well.

You know, adequate sound quality can make all the music enjoyable within an original feeling. And only a good quality speaker can give you that feeling.

a good music quality can make all the music enjoyable with an original feeling. In case that the Best surface mount car speakers speaker can give you that feeling.

“So which are the features that make a good quality audio speaker? And which one is the best among them?”- You are wondering, right?

No worries. Our list of Best surface mount car speakers would erase all your confusion about car speakers.

Let’s try the speakers and choose the one that matches your entertainment needs!

Best surface mount car speakers: In-depth Overview:

1.Pioneer TS-X150 Surface Mount 3-Way Speakers:

If your car, having no rear speaker, needs manufacturers outside the box, it deserves the Pioneer TS-150 Surface Mount speakers. Also, expecting a powerful and blended sound from your speaker? This one would be the best choice for you.

For what! Are you wandering?

Well, TS-X150 is one of the best special-fit surface-mount speakers in pioneer’s collection.

Pioneer TS-X150 Surface Mount Speakers, 60 W
231 Reviews
Pioneer TS-X150 Surface Mount Speakers, 60 W
  • 3-way POD Speakers
  • 60W power
  • 13cm Woofer
  • Sensitivity - 89 decibel


You know this brand has standard and qualified maintenance in their products. These 3-way Bass Reflex speakers have been engineered with incredible technology.

It is featured with a heavy-duty bass reflex cabinet having a frequency response of 70 to 20000 hertz. Its size, shape, and design are just wow to set it anywhere you don’t want to cut large holes.

 You might be like its solid look.  This product comes with mounting plates, hardware, and accessories that you need to fit it easily.

Key Features

3-Way Speakers:

Pioneer TS-X150 is featured with three drivers that reproduce the sound in different ranges. Here is also a mid-range drive with woofer and tweeter where all of them divide the sound in low, mid, and high capacity.

And this feature lets you get a highly pure sound in all degrees of volume. You won’t find this level of purity in a 2-way speaker.

Rear duct design:

In most of the unique vehicles, take a Civic GX for example; it has no speaker grilles in the rear deck. Here the Pioneer TS-X150 can give you a perfect solution having a rear deck design.

You can easily set these in a rear deck car in an older model pickup truck with no cutouts. You can mount them inside a trailer or on a wall, even vertically in a corner.

Awe-inspiring power handling capacity:

 Pioneer rates these speakers up to 20 watts each; these can also handle a peak value of 120 watts. 

 It maintains balance, and to all channels, it equally distributes the voltages. This is the fact why you can have a fantastic voice without any distortion.

Incredible Sensory level:

An adequate sensitivity level can let to notice all the minimal details of the music.

This model of Pineeor has a sensory level of 89dB, which makes a better match with the 20 watts RMS power and provide excellent sound quality. It produces such a clear voice even in noisy weather.

Ceramic horn midrange and tweeter:

The speakers’ material design is an excellent fact that determines its sound quality and durability, especially when it comes to tweeter material design.

•          Provide a heavy powered sound 

In Pioneer TS-X150, there are ceramic horn tweeter and midrange that will let you get a sound, highs bright and snappy.

It also comes with a mica injected polypropylene woofer cone that will provide enjoyable bass boosted songs. You can continuously enjoy it.


  • Very solid and looks nice
  • All in one speaker for anywhere
  • Provides enough loud sound to hear even in noise.
  • Comes in a pairs
  • Has rear deck design.


•          They have not Bluetooth option

2.Pyle PLMR24B Marine Grade Mount 3-way speaker:

Pyle is another famous popular brand that provides unmatchable quality products that smoothly work in extreme conditions 

3-way Mini Box Speaker System - 3.5 Inch 200...

 Their FBA_PLMR24B modeled speakers contain waterproof features that let you play it anywhere you want.

This is also a 3-way speaker in a coaxial system. All the high powered drives provide a piece of heavy audio music come within a light mini box. Isn’t it great?

Its size and features are suitable for open and closed uses as it’s on a beach or in a car. Also, it’s self-protected features that let you use it everywhere with no hesitation.

With its robust and durable design, you will have all entertainment you need as a music lover.

Key Features

•High protection ability

This Pyle product is rated as a completely waterproof speaker system. Also, it has corrosion and stain-resistant ability. You don’t need to make an extra effort to clean it.

As for the waterproof features, you can choose it to use alongside a beach, pool, or lake in your car if there is a chance to leak water.

Yes, it won’t damage when exposed to water, but this not means that you are allowed to play it underwater!

•Universal mounting

These speakers are stored in a butyl rubber surrounding cabinet, which is a heavy-duty ABS construction. These features let you quickly mounting on a support bar, frame, tubing, or wall.

There are mesh custom grills; thus, you can fit it in your car also can easily remove it. This would keep your speakers safe and intact, also with a stylish look.

•Materials are in fact

The design and materials of each driver mainly allow it to provide a superior sound. It has a midrange of 175″ wide dispersion cone and 10″ excellent dome tweeter, which increase the sound range incredibly.

 The 35″ aluminum injection cone woofer makes produce a high-quality bass, makes you bass boosted musing so enjoyable.

•Easy handling and carrying features

These mini speakers are very easy to carry, having only a weight of 2.63 lb.   With its 5.25″ complete body, you can hang it vertically in any corner of the wall.

 The installation process is straightforward, with the entire mounting bracket and kit wires.

High power handling

This 3.5 Inch speakers can handle a high peak value extend to 200 watts with a 100 watts RMS value.

 So you can understand its power proving capacity. This allows you to play high-quality audio in a deck, boat, or any open environment wherever you want.


•          Water and stain-resistant capacity

•          Easy installation

•          Small size with lightweight

Sound quality depends on the features; a speaker comes with. The mistrials of drives and surrounding, power handling capacity, sensitivity, and resistant ability are the features you have to count while selecting the best car speakers.

Mainly the surface mount speakers are better than a regular car audio box for their multiple features.

•          Easy and universal mounting system


•          Cannot be hooked up to an mp3 player.

•          Won’t work well in a massive, noisy place.

3.Jensen HDS3000 Dual Cone Surface-Mount Speakers:

Our third choice is the HDS3000 Surface-Mount Speakers of Jensen, which is featured with dual cone design. These outdoor speakers will project sound from your tv radio onto a boat car or camper.

Also, they have to handle a maximum of 60 watts power. You know, it’s not so high and quickly adjusts with the sensitivity rating.

This allows the speakers to provide heavy-duty and clear sound in a continuous mode.

JENSEN JXHD35 Heavy Duty 3.5' MINI...


The waterproof black plastic casing along with the grille provides a perfect look to mount them anywhere. It will give a continuous heavy-duty with its 60 watts peak power.

This 2-way drive speaker having a Whizzer and woofer cone can produce more effective high frequencies and internal damping.

 Also, the installation process lets the handling so easy that you can fix it anywhere with no distortion.

Key Features

•Dual cone design

Jensen HDS3000 comes in a dual cone design to be featured perfectly with a Mylar Whizzer cone and a polypropylene woofer cone.

These materials allow the speakers to give a durable sound quality. This design is perfect to match the music boxes on any flat surface.

•Waterproof Construction

These little speakers are stored with a durable plastic construction that makes it completely waterproof.

You can enjoy it in your car or boat without having tensed for water leaking. It is going to give you a fresh voice no matter wherever you are.

•Simple installation

It needs a simple bolt installation only with the mounting hardware to set up. This hardware is also included in the package.  If you want a flash mounting, you can easily detach the grills from the plastic casing.

Two mounting holes are there in its backside with 3-1/8″ in space. So you can easily mount them even in an upper corner, and it would look precise at that position.

•Great insensitivity

These surface-mount speakers include a sensory level of 89dB, which significantly matches the 30 watts RMS power.


•          Completely waterproof

•          Easy to handle

•          Simple bolt-on installation

•          Comes in pairs

•          Provide heavy-duty audio


•          Not satisfactory as a compact speaker housing.

4.BOSS Audio Systems CH4220 Car Speakers:

This CH4220 car speaker of BOSS has a low-priced unit that fits almost all vehicle models. The surrounding and cone materials make it best in overall performance and longevity.

BOSS Audio Systems CH4630 Car Speakers - 250...

It’s a decent and reliable speaker having a frequency response of 100 Hz to 18 kHz. The power handling capacity is also great because of the balance of sensory level and RMS power value.

All materials used here are very efficient and make the audio player durable to stand up to extreme humidity and temperature. It can be set correctly anywhere with its 1.7″ mounting depth feature.

You will get 3 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty with this BOSS Audio Systems Speakers.

Key Features

•Longer Play Times

BOSS CH4220 car speaker is featured with voice coils that give this product a higher temperature strength and fatigue properties.

That’s why these speakers have an efficient heavy-duty playtime, even in a lower weight. Also, the surrounding foam ensures its stability and provides a long lifespan.

•Poly Injected cone

Its cone is made of Polyurethane, which is categorized as a polymer to provide maximum flexibility. This material is such a durable and resilient material that produces a great sound with a long-lasting speaker.

The stamped baskets stricture makes its body rigid to hold the components in position.

•Rubber surrounded body

You will find rubber surrounding in most of the speakers of BOSS. That’s why you won’t find any sign of damage even after a lot of torture in it! It’s ideal for daily and heavy use.

Also, this feature allows the woofer cone to emit a bolder bass and move freely.

•More Resistant To Overloads

Its tweeter made of Piezoelectric, and due to its electrical property, you can use it without a crossover. Also, it makes the tweeter more resistant to overload.

You know tweeter’s material has a significant effect on the sound it produces. This makes the whole sound system in your vehicle as to the original.

•2-way Speakers

Well, more driver speakers indeed have more power handling capacity. But in the case of coaxial speaker systems like this, 2-way speakers are ideal.

You can hardly pick up the difference between a 2-way coaxial speaker and 3-way component speakers. So why not buy a 2-way one that is less expensive?


•          Have rubber surrounded body

•          Great tolerate capacity

•          Comes with wires, screws and mounting clips

•          Good sound for cheap

•          Less expensive


•          Might need modifications to fit the speaker perfectly in some vehicle.

•          Not waterproof.

5.Herdio HS-61B 4 Inches surface-mount speaker:

If you are looking for a compact-sized but powerful audio speaker for a limited space vehicle, then Herdio HS-61B is the exact choice for you. 

3-Way Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker Set - 3.5...

The heavy-duty waterproof box allows you to have a universal mounting no matter how moist and noisy the place is. Even if you are in a place where no plenty of space is available to set tools like this, you can also mount this here.

The material quality of the sound boxes is also remarkable. It includes PEI dome tweeters that can expand the frequency level of the music at an incredible level.

Now see which features you are going to have with theses, little speakers.

Key Features

Waterproof Construction

The small speakers have a water-resistant ability that makes it withstands a severe outdoor environment. These are also designed with rust-proof grills; thus, you can easily clean it whenever need without any effort.

The heavy-duty engineered plastic cabinet makes it well active all time, even in extreme humidity conditions.

•Compact and Powerful:

The compact size of these boxes can handle a peak power of 100 watts. Even you can have a piece of compelling and distortion-free music continuously in a long drive.

It has an outstanding frequency response that can provide you with a high and clear sound from 80-20000Hz. 

•Self-contained pod speakers

These box-shaped audio players come with brackets and bolts, and you can easily mount them even in any small space out there.

These products have the dimension of 4.4″ in comprehensive, 4.4″ in height, and 4″ in depth. So you can understand that how perfectly compact they are to install in any limited space.

•Multiple mounting

The mini self-contained pod speakers would provide you a multiple using facilities. You can play these in your car, jeep, truck, boat, UVT AVT.

 Also, if you want to bring this fun with your motorcycle, motorbike, or any off-road vehicle, you are allowed!

Yes, its shape and size and overall features are perfect for all drive uses you need. Quite a fancy use, you know!


  • Have a Marine Grade Waterproof Construction
  • Easy to Install in any limited space
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Rustproof grille
  • Solid product with decent sound.


  • You can’t rock the house with that.


Faq’s for Best surface mount car speakers

Is 2 -way or 3-way speakers better?

Obviously, there are differences in sound quality between a lower and higher way of speakers.

3-way speakers are better for proving a highly pure sound. But here also a matter that your sound system is either coaxial or component in the design.

In the case of a coaxial feature, where all the drivers are placed in one box, it might be better to select a 2-way speaker rather than 3.

Because 3-way speakers are expensive and there is no such difference in a coaxial speaker’s sound quality, whether it is a 2 -way or 3 -way.

3-way speakers are ideal for a component feature where all the drives have different boxes to place at.

How many watts do I need for outdoor speakers?

The more space, the more the power you need in your speaker. If you cover with music a place less than 300squre feet, then look for a pair of speakers having at least 60-watts power.

For 300 to 500 square feet, 80-100 watts speakers will perfect for proving a sharp music sound. Highly powered speakers, having a 150-175 watts power, can cover around 800 square feet area.

How can I improve the sound quality of my car speakers?

For a better sound in your car, you have to look for a better way. If the factory speakers don’t work well, you can replace them. For example, you can replace the coaxial speaker with component one.

You can also add components like amplifiers, signal processors, or equalizers if the audio system is oversimplified. If your car allows too much noise inside it, use damping materials to minimize the road noise.

What are the best car speakers for sound quality?

Among these, our best one from the list is Pioneer TS-X150 Surface Mount 3-Way Speakers. It’s not only best for its sound quality but also the price.

You can choose the other surface mount speakers from our list as all are best in their position.


A compelling music speaker can enhance driving entertainment. Always try to consider the brand while buying an audio speaker so that you won’t regret purchasing a pair of speakers.

 If you are a music lover, your car deserves a high-quality audio speaker to make your drive more enjoyable. Choice one from the best surface mount speakers above the list and gift it to your car!

Have a good drive!