Best Soundbars Reviews Under $50 to $1000 in 2019

As the technology is getting advanced, the products are getting thinner and thinner. But sound never compromises with the size. Even the latest model TV or home theatre can’t give you utmost satisfaction if you want director-produced or studio-made sound.

Even as an Arrow fan, you can’t differentiate the sound effects and dialogues without well-equipped soundbar. The best soundbar will give you immense experience and pleasure for the distinctive sound.

Best Soundbars ReviewsIf you are in hurry and have already been decided to purchase a soundbar within a certain range then you may take a quick decision from the followings:

15 Best Soundbars for Louder and Clearer Sound

Table of Contents

In the list, we have categorized based on the price but quality and value are the main considerations. Here, you can find the soundbars for different prices. Pick the best soundbar up depending upon on your budget and choice.

Best Soundbars Under 50

1. Dalpong Soundbar TV-Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth

Dalpong SoundbarDalpong Soundbar provides insane audio quality from TV or Home theatre. Though it’s affordable in price, it ensures on top of everything else. Moreover, the multi-mode operating system helps you use it with wire or Bluetooth connection.

The portable soundbar adds modern design with robust materials to the furniture. It suits with any style as well as high tech touch. Also, you can carry it for outdoor activities.

The home audio system has the dual mode of operations. You can use wire for connecting through audio devices, or Bluetooth can be helpful for convenient use.

However, you can control sound, volume, and excellent soundtrack through one knob control and One Power.

Dalpong comes with unique noise reduction technology to reduce surrounding noise. It high-end technology ensures high quality sound with full range speakers for home theatre.

Finally, I have to say the ultimate satisfaction of the manufacturing company. You’re guaranteed with 30 days money back system if you’re not satisfied.


  • Fashionable and portable design to suit any furniture in your home. It’ll enhance the technological advancement of your choice.
  • The home speaker produces sound up to 80 decibels by avoiding noise. The unique anti-noise technology ensconces crystal clear sound.
  • Dual mode operations allow you control the home-theatre audio device without touching the digital soundbar.
  • The latest 4.0+EDR Bluetooth technology connects with all high-end digital devices like smart TV, smartphones, tablet, laptop and personal computers.
  • 30 days unconditional refund policy makes you assured of investing money in the right place.

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Best Soundbars Under 100

2. TaoTronics Soundbar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio

Best Soundbar under 100TaoTronics is an economical soundbar to offer impressive sound quality. The best soundbar requires no add-ons for playing with the 34-inch ergonomic design with the substantial variety of speakers.

TaoTronics comes with 4 full range high quality speakers to spread the sound around the room. It’ll make you feel home theatre presenting with 2 passive radiators.

The frugal soundbar provides three different functions. The different features help you to control sound volume as well as mute and unmute the sound.  The smooth transition makes you feel natural sliding while using the slide bar.

Manufacturing from transparent fabric, TaoTronics is the latest model of square appearance. The top of the sound provides touch-activated controls. On the other hand, the front end provides LED indicators to know you the acoustically position and volume of the soundbar.

TaoTronics is compatible with all versions of Bluetooth for all sorts of electronic devices. Also, you can connect analog audio sources with 3.5mm cable input or RCA jacks. Both will give the utmost satisfaction of sound quality.


  • 34-inch soundbar with high-quality full range speakers with 2 passive radiators
  • Bluetooth and 3.5mm cable connections to connect both wireless and wired through jack or cable
  • Different wired connections like 3.5mm cable, Optical, Coaxial and RCA AUX input
  • Dual Operation modes to control sound through remote or touch
  • Mountable on the wall or set under the TV
  • Robust materials used to manufacture which ensure last for years.

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3. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

VIZIO SB3821-C6VIZIO SB3821-C6 is an ultimate TV Subwoofer to create high quality sound without breaking the bank. The budget-friendly wireless Sound Bar creates harmonic distortion as well as rich bass.

The 2.1 soundbar comprises two speakers for transforming sound into a home theatre system. It provides expansive audio mode around the home. Moreover, it produces top-notch sound up to 100 decibels with beneath of 1% harmonic deviation.

Give yourself an experience of wireless soundbar which prevents cluttering due to the absence of physical connections.

The built-in Bluetooth system allows you to connect to every digital device like smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers. You needn’t leave your room to connect and listen to sounds.

And now the unique feature of VIZIO SB3821-C6 which amuse me so much. The Dolby Digital enhances audio quality to improve the soundtracks along with other sound definitions.

DTS TruSurround of the subwoofer is also an exceptional feature you can find the most frugal sound system. It produces sound in such a way that you’ll listen only the quality sound by eliminating the unwanted strains.

Also, the TruVolume helps you to control the volume of the sound in a consistent way. It ensures comfortable and consistent sound quality always for all the time. If you have fixed your mind that you need a best soundbar under 100 then VIZIO SB3821-C6 would be perfect for you.


  • Wireless connection lets you connect the device to any digital device without the cable
  • DTS TruVolume, DTS TruSurround, and Dolby Digital ensure high quality sound
  • Remote control for the wireless connections available
  • The subwoofer adds rich bass for more fabulous and comfortable sound quality
  • Produced sound up to 100 decibels with below than 1% harmonic distortion.

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4. Awesomeware Bluetooth Soundbar Audio TV Speaker

Awesomeware Bluetooth SoundbarThe Awesomeware soundbar is a skeptical subwoofer to produce excellent sound. The speaker box comes with easy installation along with preinstalled bass for excellent sound quality. Moreover, the straight-forward Bluetooth soundbar gives all-around improvements for TV sound.

The home audio system has been designed uniquely with robust materials. It has 29.5 inches smooth appearances with safety stand. So, you are anxious to free to let it befallen. Moreover, the LED indicators inside the speaker display great light when music is on.

Awesomeware has multimode operations so that you can play through all kinds of devices. The wireless system allows you to connect to any digital devices through Bluetooth. So, you can play music from anywhere in your home.

On the other hand, the wired connection with AUX\Optical\USB allows you to connect the devices to make your room a home theatre. It provides smooth sound for your TV or Home theatre.


  • 2 speakers with 25 watts digital amplifier. Unique built-in DSP 2.0 channel Home Theatre Audio System installed
  • Multi-operational mode for both wired and wireless connection. Strongly connected with AUX\Optical\USB
  • Smooth appearance with robust materials. 29.5 inches long with Rubber Antiskid Safety Stand
  • No required to install. Plug and play
  • Excellent sound quality but no expert knowledge needed.

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Best Soundbars Under 150

5. Samsung HW-M360/ZA Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung Wireless Audio SoundbarIf you want to fill your room with favorite music, Samsung HW-M360/ZA is the best choice. It has Dolby digital technology to enhance the sound quality which is useful to expanse surround sound.

Samsung has a strong bass which won’t let you get in the wires. You cans set 130 watts powerful wireless subwoofer in anywhere in your room. However, you can buy a wireless surround kit separately which will let you expand surround sound without messing with the wires.

The wireless soundbar doesn’t allow you to use any wire to connect to the TV. You need to switch on the Bluetooth of the device as well as the soundbar and connect them. The pair will automatically connect with each other and play music.

The Bluetooth power has a one-touch control for hassle-free operating of the audio system.  And one more thing is the compatibility. Samsung wireless soundbar supports with almost all latest digital devices to create high quality sound.


  • Entirely 200-watts with the 6.5inch subwoofer for excellent sound quality
  • One-touch control lets you a hassle-free operation for streaming music
  • Compatible with all latest devices such as smartphones, TV, tablets and many more
  • Bluetooth wireless connection to avoid messing up with wires
  • Compatible with separate wireless speaker kit for surrounding sound.

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6. MEGACRA Soundbar with Subwoofer

MEGACRA Sound BarFor a home theatre sound, MEGACRA resembles the best with no way. It fits with the flat screen as well as to save your place. The soundbar produces solid-state amplifications along with tube sound cavity. Though the sound doesn’t sound natural, it seems more natural for robust state technology used in MEGACRA.

Also, the harmonic distortion technology inside the music system reduces noise. So, you listen the crystal clear sound from the digital audio system.

Coming with 2 in 1 sound bar with 100 watts power inside the soundbar produces excellent sound quality. It has both operating systems to run the audio. You can connect with wire from the output of the TV. On the other hand, combining through Bluetooth wireless means you have no mess with the cables.

But what surprises me…

The adjustability of bass and treble is a single audio system. It’s not only adjustable but also produces separate sound for bass and treble.

Moreover, the music system is compatible with internet streaming and flat TV. You can also connect to the tablet, laptop, smart TVs, computer, and smartphones.


  • Advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technology used to manufacture Robust subwoofer for bass sound
  • Adjustable for both bass and treble
  • 18 months manufacturing guarantee with lifetime technical support
  • Supports all sorts of electronic devices

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Best Soundbars Under 200

7. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound Bar System

Best Soundbar Under 200Polk Audio has satisfied the customers for 40 years with superior sound quality and quality materials. You can afford excellent sound quality with best quality materials in your budget-friendly price.

With the voice adjust technology Polk Audio won’t let you miss any sound from your favorite movie, documentaries and favorite TV serials.

The ultra-compact size fits anywhere in your living room to produce sound as much as you want. It proves size doesn’t matter to chop the wood for the axe.

The most astounding thing is that the compatibility of Polk Audio wireless soundbar. It can go with almost all electronic devices to produce room-surrounded sound. As it comes preinstalled, just plug and play the music and enjoy yourself.

Polk Audio has been popular for its innovative idea in audio music. Through the wireless soundbar, you can steam with Google Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora through Bluetooth.


  • Unique MagniFi feature to produce room-filling audio and surround sound.
  • 6 drivers for more explicit and more precise sound quality
  • Ultra-compact design to fit tight place
  • Produce as much sound as 3X bigger soundbar
  • Wireless streaming through Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify
  • One button for decreasing bass and increasing voice adjustability

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8. Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar with Dual Built-In

Yamaha YAS-107BLYamaha wants you to experience dynamic sound system in your home while watching TV or streaming internet. It can be mounted on the wall or fit in front of the TV or shelf. Moreover, the smooth setup lets you connect the TV or Home theatre for wireless streaming.

The next big fish of YAS-107BL is the built-in subwoofers. The soundbar has unique bass reflex port along with bass extension processing for those who want a low-end performance. Also, an optional powered subwoofer is provided for those who wish to crave.

But I amazed at the three systems to control the soundbar. You can use remote, downloadable app or android or apple gadgets. Moreover, your TV remote control will play [pivotal role in controlling the volume of the speaker for HDMI-CEC technology.

Finally, the sound box comes with a high-end single cable connection to get output from the TV.  It comes preinstalled, and you need to plug the YAS-107BL to play music. However, the wireless Bluetooth soundbar is compatible with all latest TVs for HDMI inside. You can get original high-end sound from 4K ultra HD and HDR video.

Yamaha is a world class company, If you are looking for a best soundbar under 200, you can go for this item without any hesitation.


  • Featuring particular clear voice mode for forefront dialogue and narration
  • The single device with the ultra-slim and magnificent design
  • Built-in subwoofers for increasing deep bass
  • Three-way systems to control the volume
  • Mountable to the wall or can be fit in front of the TV or shelf

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Best Soundbars Under 300

9. Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar with DTS

Yamaha YAS-207BLYamaha has brought a new dimension of music to produce the best sound. The sonic realism is an innovative technology introduced by Yamaha for a bright and lifelike sound.

However, the first DTS Virtual: X can virtualize multiple dimensions for offering realistic sonic reproduction. Anyway, you can now listen surrounded music without using multiple speakers.

Yamaha YAS-207 comes with an optical cable for single-cable connection. You can connect with the output of the TV or home theatre. Moreover, you needn’t require expert knowledge to set up the best soundbar.

By the way, an additional HDMI will enhance the quality of the sound. The HDMI is separately sold and compatible with latest TVs and other music-oriented devices.

However, I can’t ignore the influence of world’s first 3D sound system. The soundbar can stimulate sound effects to make the sound crystal clear to the listeners.

Along with Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual: X produces most convincing soundtracks to create reality for the favorite TV shows and movies.


  • Manufacturing with innovative DTS Virtual:X for 3D surround sound
  • Separate HDMI for the best performance of sound
  • Acoustically-engineered cabinet to deliver acoustically-clear sound
  • Fit in front of the TV or mountable on the wall
  • 3 ways to control the volume of the sound

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10. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

Bose Solo 5Bose Solo 5 has brought a distinctive opportunity for them who are fond of sticking with TV shows. The sound system has the unique feature to comprise the soundbar for the clarity of the sound effects and the dialogues. Moreover, the exceptional dialogue mode makes the dialogue separate from the other sound.

The advanced Bluetooth used inside the sound box lets you connect from a distinctive distance. So, you can listen to music from other rooms or the yard. However, Bose Solo is so versatile in the placement that you can fit it anywhere as well as the mount on the wall.

Though you needn’t set up the sound system, you need to connect through the coaxial cable to the output. Isn’t it enough to operate the exceptional soundbar?

Bose Solo5 comes with a universal remote to control everything like Blu-ray, Bluetooth, and many others. You can control everything in your sound system through your remote without leaving relaxation.


  • Clear and distinctive sound for dialogue and sound effects
  • Slim and single soundbar to provide best quality sound
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled electronic devices
  • Easy set up through the plug and play from the output of the device
  • Manual controlling bass to increase or decrease when it is needed
  • Extremely lightweight to carry around for different places

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11. VIZIO SB3851-C0 5.1 Channel Sound Bar

Best Soundbar Under 300Experience you an immersive home theatre with VIZIO satellite speaker. It surround s you utterly fantastic audio which you’ll never get from anything else. The 5 in 1 audio system comes with nothing left behind for the best soundtracks.

VIZIO has built-in Bluetooth to allow you are streaming wireless audio from your electronic device. Don’t mess with the wires instead connect the apparatus by switching a ONE-Stop button to pair? Then, you can listen to music from anywhere in the room. Also, the ultimate remote will give you more relaxation by controlling sound by sitting a single place.

The expansive audio has a comparatively large 38-inch soundbar. It can deliver up to 100 decibels to fill the room for surround sound. Moreover, the harmonic distortion system helps to produce crystal clear sound.

But what makes the VIZIO worthy of for about $300?

I firmly believe that the best combination of Dolby Digital and DTS Studio you can find inside the VIZIO. The Dolby Digital provides the dramatic spatial dimension for surround sound. On the other hand, DTS Studio increases the speakers’ acoustic capabilities for impressive sound. If you are determined that you need a best soundbar under 300 then VIZIO SB3851-C0 is highly recommended.


  • 5 in 1 channel with 38 inches for complete surround sound
  • Wireless subwoofer and satellite speakers
  • Produce up to 100 decibels for filling the room with best audio performance
  • 1% harmonic distortion for crystal clear sound
  • Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoding for studio quality sound

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Best Soundbars Under 500

12. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro Satellite Speakers

Best Soundbar Under 500Nakamichi Shockwafe offers you experiencing breathtaking sound around you with 7.1 speakers. Total 11 speakers will be around you for providing the best sound you’ll ever experience.

The satellite speakers are for the people who want ultra-wide and true-to-life sound. Nakamichi features extensively 45.5 inches sound bar with 5 other speakers like surrounded speakers, rear satellite, and subwoofer.

Nakamichi powers with 400 watts and produces 104 decibels sound output. So, you’ll no doubt the best performance from a high power home theatre entertainment. Moreover, the subwoofer is tight and punchy bass to control whether it needs to increase or to decrease.

However, the unparalleled design along with Dolby Digital and DTS Digital performs for the best audio output. Both combine to produce natural and acoustical sound to give you natural and real experience. Also, it has 5 individual speaker chambers to achieve the discrete audio configuration.


  • 7.1 speakers to provide surround sound to you and your living room
  • 400 watts room-filling power for experiencing real and true-to-life home theatre
  • Produces 104 decibels sound output crystal clear sound
  • Manual configuring 8-inch wireless subwoofer
  • All in one package to leave nothing for the best home performance for audio

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13. ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer

ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound BarZVOX is a vibrant home theatre sound that enriches the audio experience. It’s not looking traditional rather extraordinary outlook to fit with the furniture. The one-wire soundbar expresses super-clear vocals along with 2 active built-in subwoofers for MegaBass.

In recent days, audio industry has been changed to deliver ultra-thin products made of robust materials. The latest aptX Bluetooth allows you to connect audio for streaming from your phone. Moreover, the AccuVoice feature of the remote lets you control voice for crystal clear sound.

But the unusual feature is the OL button on the remote. OL will bring under control the harsh sound pf advertisements automatically. So, you’re free from listening unwanted sounds of commercials.

Also, the aluminum soundbar can connect with several audio devices simultaneously besides connecting to the TV. Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the devices. Then play any instrument to listen to your favorite soundtracks. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth will be an excellent assistant for streaming wireless from phone or tablet.


  • Built-in subwoofer for top high quality bass without connecting the external subwoofer.
  • AccuVoice to deliver crystal explicit voice recognition and sound amplifier.
  • Compatible with different devices from multi-Wi-Fi zone
  • Taming harsh sound of commercials automatically
  • Anodized Aluminum cabinet for long lasting as well as wreck-free

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Best Soundbars Under 1000

14. Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar

Sonos PLAYBAR TV SoundbarSonos is now the leading audio industry manufacturer to give you the real experience of seeing and listening simultaneously. The playbar comes with nine speakers to create not only a louder but also a more precise sound. The combination of the speakers will let you listen to the sounds differently.

Typically, a soundbar will cover only a room for surround sound. Isn’t it better to include the entire house surrounding soundtracks? Sonos offers you to add a speaker to cover the whole house. It’ll amaze you to have a feeling in the heaven of the symphony.

The fantastic thing about the TV soundbar is the app to guide you through every step. You need to plug the power cord as well as the cable cord for playing your favorite soundtracks. You can play everything as Sonos supports satellite boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and cable boxes, etc.

Moreover, Sonos has different drivers to identify dialog enhancement. If you have any problem to listen to the dialog, you can manually set the driver to listen better. Also, the night mode is the exceptionally remarkable feature to run speaker at night. You have to turn on the night mode of the soundbar to let the whole house sleep undisturbed.


  • Nine powerful amplifiers for louder and clearer sound
  • Compatible with any Amazon devices as well as other players like Blu-ray, cable boxes, etc.
  • Different drivers with the manual setting to control sound
  • Only two cord for an entire sound system for the house
  • Night mode for listening at night without disturbing anyone
  • Associated with an app to guide for all activities for smooth song
  • Supports 30 streaming services available on the online

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15. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1Ch DTS: X 600W

Best Soundbar Under 1000Nakamichi Shockwafe will give you the real experience of listening discrete, true and next-generation surround sound. Even, you’ll experience the most authentic sound which is quite impossible to be found. Moreover, Nakamichi Shockwave Pro has strong 600 watts power to deliver powerful bass sound along with comfortable home theatre.

Moreover, the non-immerse sound quality won’t produce any echo as each channel; has separate speaker inside the box. So, you think that the sound is in all around of you. It feels you snug as listening to a symphony of Mozart.

And most the most precise thing of the Shockwafe is the new and innovative 2-way surround speakers. It reproduces high frequencies with full range driver for delivering powerful and accurate sound.

And what made the sound so clear and precise?

Obviously the quad-core processor of the soundbar. Nakamichi comes with a quad-core surround processor chipset inside to process sound with detailed, precise and lifelike clarity.


  • 600 watts power with DTS:X technology for powerful and crystal clear sound
  • Neural: X up-mixing surround technology for reproducing sound to listen all-around of the home
  • Down-Firing wireless subwoofer to emit bass effects
  • Exceptional 2-way speakers with spacious and dynamic surround sound
  • Plug and play device with one-button room optimization for lifelike sound

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What is a Soundbar?

A sound bar is a long and slender cabinet which contains two or more speakers. Presumably, it comes with preinstalled which means you plug and play for the sound.

Traditionally, flat TVs and home theatres haven’t developed the sound system. So, sound bars are used to provide stereo or concisely surround sound. It doesn’t much more space to be placed as well as technical knowledge to be operated.

However, some soundbars may have the built-in subwoofer for deep bass, or some have the separate subwoofer to be connected.

Best soundbar brands Review

Some giants are dominating the audio industry through the invention of new technology. Here, we’ve got some giant electronic companies which have the more significant effect on the revolution of audio components.


With a mission of fulfilling the curiosity, Sony has unlimited passion for technology, invention, services. They always delivers ground-breaking excitement and entertainment. Even Sony tries to create unique culture and experience and for which they succeed in audio sector as other technological sectors. Some of the best soundbars Sony has brought are:

  • 2ch built-in tweeter soundbar |HT-S100F
  • 2.1ch built-in Subwoofer mini sound bar |HT-S200F
  • 2.1ch Compact Soundbar with Bluetooth® technology
  • 2.1ch Dolby Atmos®/DTS: X™ Soundbar with Bluetooth® technology | HT-X9000F
  • 3.1ch Dolby Atmos®/ DTS: X™ Soundbar with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® technology | HT-Z9F


Samsung believes to become the best company in the world regarding ethics and trust. Here, the management is successful for complying with local laws and regulations. They run a fair and transparent system and for which they remains the World Number 1 in all technological sectors. They have brought bigger, bolder and superior sound at home by the speakers engineered by experts.  Here are some audio gifts for the audiophiles from Samsung:

  • HW-N400 ‘TV Mate’ Soundbar
  • HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar
  • HW-NW700 Sound+ Slim Soundbar
  • HW-K950 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos
  • HW-MS6500 Sound+ Curved Premium Soundbar


With a view to making life better, Philips always believes in creating better you with better world initiative. Mainly Philips is a health technology company which has immense impact on audio technology. Philips has brought the following soundbars in a reasonable price.

  • HTL2161B/F7 Soundbar speaker
  • HTL2140B/F7 Soundbar speaker
  • HTL2140B/F7 Soundbar speaker


For the diversified world, a core company for a single industry is quite rare. Bose is an exceptional renowned company specialized for sound. From the beginning of the company, Bose has been trying to improve sound. They aim to create product and experience to the customers which they won’t find anywhere. The two fantastic soundbar Bose has invented are:

  • SoundTouch 300 soundbar
  • Bose Solo 5

Q Aqoustics

Q Aquostics is the inventor of hi-fi loudspeaker, a new technology added to the audio industry. It is a multi-award-winning sound company. They are dedicated to creating highest quality audio gear for improving and unique experience to the users for an affordable price. The best experience customers have experiences from the following soundbars:

  • M4 Media 4 HiFi Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer
  • M3 Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer
  • M2 Soundbase
  • M4 Superbass Soundbar Subwoofer Package

Why Do You Need a Soundbar?

So, as the TVs have the built-in audio system, why do you need separate soundbar? I was also confused with the same thing, and hence I know the difference now.

For my case, I have to enjoy TV serials. I am a great fan of different series which I want to figure out different sounds.

The sound bar is convenient and portable to carry about for different places. You can also mount it on the wall or furniture. Even, putting in front of the TVs or home theatre will provide you better sound.

What’s more about soundbar? You can control bass of the sound to make it more enjoyable. Also, the surround sound allows you to listen from anywhere in the home.

What Should You Know about Soundbars?

Soundbars are the perfect combination of performance and convenience of sound. But finding convenient and suitable isn’t an easy one. However, you can follow some particular recommendations to get the best while you are purchasing one.


Nowadays, most sound bars come with the wireless system. Don’t be misguided here. The soundbar has a power cord to be connected to the electricity. Also, some have auto powered or battery-inside of the box.

On the other hand, wireless means you needn’t connect the wires to the output of the digital devices. Also, the speakers of the unit needn’t be connected through the cable. All speakers will be connected automatically.


Now, it’s not the main concern for selecting the best one. Because most of the sound bars have both systems. However, if you’re fond of listening bass or stereo for special consideration, you can choose the one which will consent you.

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X

The recent configuration to choose the soundbar is the availability of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Both features are getting popularity for extraordinary service in relevant circumstances. For example, Dolby Atmos pushes the sound outward as well upward. So, if you have a top ceiling with ample room, straightly go for the sound bar with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.


The subwoofer produces and controls the bass of any audio system. Soundbars like Samsung has built-in subwoofer while Sonos has the manual subwoofer. With a built-in subwoofer, you can enjoy bass but can’t increase or decrease. On the other hand, in a manual subwoofer, you can control bass by increasing or decreasing whatever you like to listen.

How to set up a soundbar for Maximum Sound

As different types of soundbars are available, you may be confused to set up the soundbar to the TV or Blu-Ray. It is a straight way connection compared to the complicated connection of home theater system.

How to set up a soundbarThe soundbar plays sound better than the built-in sound box of your TV. In the soundbar, an optical digital audio cable transfers the audio signal to the soundbar from the source. Here is how to connect the soundbar to the TV. Then you can adjust the sound through the remote control.

1st Scenario

  • At first, deactivate the built-in speaker of your TV. Then turn on the external speaker from the TV menu.
  • As the soundbar can’t decode the optical digital audio signal, set the signal to PCM output.

2nd Scenario

If both the devices such as the TV or Blu-Ray and the speaker have HDMI jack marked ARC, you needn’t worry to set up the connection. Connect them and enjoy the best music.

However, if your TV doesn’t support HDMI/ARC input, connect the optical input to the TV and HDMI to the soundbar. Hence, you need to activate ARC on your TV.

How to connect the soundbar to PC

Soundbar has built-in HDMI-ARC which is a receiver port. Connecting soundbar depends on the configuration of the PC. Most of the motherboard comes with multiple audio and video cards which set the sound out. The multi-graphic cards have built-in SLI/ Crossfire mode to limit the output connections from one or many cards.

So, what do you have to do? As your soundbar has an HDMI port, you have to attach to the PC port and play music.

Soundbar buying guide: What you need to know

A soundbar can be an excellent entertain companion in a closed lounge room. You need not anything else to listen to your favorite music if you have an ecstatic soundbar. As the installation of the soundbar is quite straightforward, it requires no-remarkable engineering knowledge. It produces the best effect, no matter whether it comes with either Bluetooth or wired.

However, from thousands of available soundbar, finding the best one may be a hassle. But you can avoid the problem of selecting the best by following specific specifications.


Though HDMI is the best, the soundbar should have at least one digital audio connection. Through the connection, the video signal will pass to the TV with the cable. However, Bluetooth connection will connect your PC, tablet or smart gadget more precisely. You have to pair both devices before getting the proper connection. It produces excellent sound in the nearest area, but connection disappears while you’re away.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the primary concern for choosing soundbar. It’s pretty apparent to produce much better sound than the built-in sound box of the TV. However, some soundbars come with iPod dock which is significant enough for stand-alone music. But you have to ensure that the soundbar comes with at least an analog input which lets you playing music.


Shifting volume automatically can be jarring as well as irritating. Volume leveling technology plays a pivotal role in control volume for latest soundbars. So, you won’t suffer from sudden higher volume during commercials. The volume will be under control all the time no matter you play music, watch the movie or live sports. For the reasons, the soundbar is the best companion for late-night watching sports and movie without disturbing others.

Easy Dialogue Understanding

It has no meaning if the sound is unclear while watching your favorite movie or TV series. Soundbar comes with the promise of clear and decent sound. It has more volume and fullness compared to the TV sound. Moreover, some soundbar comes with integrated dialogue enhancement technology feature. The feature makes the human sound prominent, loud and precise.

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI

Both optical cable and HDMI pass digital audio signal from TV to a soundbar. However, the most significant advantage of having HDMI is that it passes high-resolution audio including Blu-ray, DTS HD Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD. Moreover, it passes higher-resolution video signal.

However, you can follow the below procedure to connect the soundbar to TV with HDMI:

At first, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the bottom of the soundbar.

Then connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the jack of the TV output.

Power the soundbar on by pressing on the button. You can do it by turning on the remote. The display will show “Hello” to ensure the perfect connection.

Now press on the source button until “D.IN” appears on display.

Your devices are ready to go for playing fantastic sound.

How To Connect The Soundbar To The TV Without HDMI

If you have no HDMI, you can still connect the soundbar to the TV. I’ll show you two ways to connect the soundbar.

If your TV lacks HDMI input but optical digital input with the terminal

In such situation, you have to connect the optical digital unit of the TV to the optical in the terminal of the soundbar.

Your soundbar will play audio when other HDMI joins to the soundbar. Unfortunately, your TV monitor won’t display anything about the audio.

If your TV lacks HDMI input with optical digital audio out terminal

In such matter, connect the audio terminal of the TV to the Analog in of the soundbar.

A stereo mini terminal will appear when the connection works perfectly.

After connecting everything efficiently, turn on both TV and soundbar. From the menu of the TV, switch the audio system on instead of the audio output of the TV.

How To Connect The Soundbar To TV With An Optical Cable

Even in the era of HDMI, optical cable has still tremendous effect on the audio industry. It passes the powerful signal of the high-resolution signal including Blu-Ray, game console, etc.

The soundbar comes with at least one optical cable though it may be or not HDMI. Also, connecting the soundbar to TV with optical cable is the easiest way.

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMIHowever, make sure that the plastic protector has been removed from the optical cable before using it.

Now, connect one end of the cable to the optical in jack which is bottom of the soundbar.

Then, connect another end to the optical out jack of the TV. You have to power the source on now of the soundbar.

Finally, switch the default mode of the soundbar to D.IN mode. Everything is now OK to go for playing audio.

How To Connect The Soundbar To The TV Without Optical Cable

Though connecting via optical cable is the easiest way, your TV may lack any input jack for optical cable. Here, HDMI is the best alternative to connect your TV to the soundbar. Also, HDMI allows you to pass higher-resolution audio signal as well as the video signal which you can’t find from anything else.

To connect via HDMI, plug in one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI out jack of the soundbar. You can find it at the bottom of the soundbar.

Then, connect the other end to the HDMI IN jack of the TV. Now, turn on the soundbar. If “Hello” appears to the display, everything is set OK.

After turning on the soundbar, press source button to activate D.IN mode on display.

Frequently asked Questions About Soundbar

1. What does the 2.1 mean in a sound bar?

2.1 soundbar compiles two soundbars and a subwoofer. Most of the soundbars are available now are 2.1 soundbars. The first digit before the decimal denotes the number of the speakers whether the latter number indicates the number of speakers. Here, 2.1 means the soundbar has a subwoofer along with 2 more speakers inside the box.

2. Is a soundbar the same as surround sound?

Different users have the distinctive taste of listening audios and music. For an ample room with specific devices, surround sound system works well. On the other hand, for general uses like using with TV, computer, Blu-Ray or DVD player, the soundbar is still incomparable.

While the soundbar has built-in Bluetooth, most of the surround systems need wire to be connected. So, if you need a hassle-free sound system, soundbar will be a go for you.

Again, for the easy installation and connectivity, soundbar will be the winner over complicated surround system. It also takes minimum space to be kept.

And finally, for the price, soundbar matches your budget for considerable price instead of the arms and the legs of the surround sound system.

3. Can you hook up a receiver to a soundbar?

Connecting a receiver to the soundbar with a TV or other devices is an easy process. To connect the soundbar, you need to turn on both the devices. Then connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT of the soundbar.

After connecting with the soundbar, connect the other end to the HDMI end of the TV. TV’s audio will be played to the soundbar. If the sound is not audible, make sure that the volume of the TV, as well as the soundbar, is turned on.

If the soundbar has built-in Bluetooth, turn the Bluetooth on for both devices. Connect them and play your desired music.

4. Which is better soundbar or home theater system?

Here I have to confess without any doubt that surround sound system is far better for home theater system. You can’t replace it to the soundbar if you’re an audiophile.

Reality is if you need a compact design sound system for tight space but never compromise the quality, soundbar will be the best choice. In fact, for a 260 square feet room, soundbar will be a great companion. More substantial than 260 square feet space, home theater system will provide pleasant sound.

Also, for easy installation and comfortable price, soundbar will obviously beat home theater system.  It is also compatible with all available devices, even with the home theater itself.

5. Can you use any soundbar on any TV?

Compatibility of a soundbar mostly depends on the program you want to watch on the TV. You’ll have either STB or Aerial/ Antenna on your TV for catching a program. Here, TV outputs play a vital role in choosing a soundbar.

If you use an STB (Set Top Box) for programming, follow the manual carried by itself to know the soundbar it is compatible. Likewise, TV output is significant for aerial or antenna.

However, the optical output is the most featured and simple to choose a soundbar which goes with the TV.

It depends mostly on what you watch on your TV. If you use some STB (set-top-box) for your TV, then you have to see what output this STB has to offer. If you are using an aerial/antennae for your TV programming, then TV outputs are leading factor.

6. What does sound bar 5.1 channel mean?

5.1 is a popular six-channel surround sound system. It comes with a subwoofer in the center along with two surround channels, a low-frequency effects channel and a left, right and center channel respectively. Moreover, it uses Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS, and THX within the 5.1 systems.

7. What size sound bar do I need?

Let’s be honest that size doesn’t matter to listen to the music from a soundbar. Even it may not be necessary to match to the length of the TV, Blu-Ray, or computer. However, you can find several sizes and shapes of soundbars, i.e., from a foot to a man’s height. Though soundbars’ sound mostly depends on your pleasure, unwritten rules have been followed for matching with the TV screen size.

For instances, the 12-inch soundbar can match with any TV screen size whether 60-inch long soundbar is specially designed for 70-inch TV. On the contrary, the 50-inch soundbar can fit with 55-60 inches TV. Moreover, you can purchase a 38-45-inch soundbar can be the perfect fit for 42-inch to the 50-inch TV screen.

8. What wattage soundbar do I need?

Indeed, wattage doesn’t signify the quality of the soundbar. It seems that high wattage means better soundbar. But the fact is that watts describe the output of the amplifier.   It never means louder and better sound. Wattage defines the tolerability of the drivers measured in milliseconds. So, pick the best soundbar from which you can listen to the pleasant music.

Final Thought

Though soundbar is not an integral part of TV or home theatre, it provides performance, convenience, and value for the best quality sound. People have different choice and passion.

But ultimately everybody wants to have the best one. So, the products here in the list provides quality, performance, and value.

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