Top 10 Best Car Speakers Reviews And Buying Guides (2018 Update)

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The market is full of deceptive products, and the infinite amount of choices make the things even worst. I think you are facing the same problem, and that is why I am here to help you get rid of that problem. Over the last 10 years, I have learned enough what makes a speaker best and how to find Perfect one.

I am not only going to write some real and honest reviews but also write about car speaker types, sizes, brands, audio systems as well as how to buy the right speaker. What I hope is that you will be able to buy good car speaker after you read the following pages.

Life is always messy. Getting some free time might sound like a dream for some of us. No matter you are busy or free you deserve to experience high quality sound like anyone else. Considering you super-busy life, we have made a comparison table of our best picks to make it easier for you to choose the best one that will meet all of your expectations.

Just take 2 minutes, have a close look, compare features and check the price on Amazon. I bet it’s easier than it sounds! What you say? Check Out our comparison Chart.

Product ImageBrand & ModelRatingPrice & Review
JBL GTO639 Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Check Price
OontZ Angle 3 Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Check Price
Polk Audio DB651 Polk Audio DB651 Check Price
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 Check Price
Keywood Kenwood KFC 1665S Check Price
JBL GTO638 Review JBL GTO638 Check Price
Pioneer DEH 150MP Pioneer DEH 150MP Check Price
Alpine SPS-610C Alpine SPS-610C Check Price
Anker Sound Core Sport XL Anker Sound Core Sport XL Check Price
Polk Audio DB401 Polk Audio DB401 Check Price

Our Top 10 Best Car Speaker Reviews

If you are looking for a best car audio speaker that will meet all of your expectations and give you hundred percent satisfaction, you gotta check this one. Well, we are talking about Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker manufactured by one of the industry leaders Rockford Fosgate.

R165X3 Prime model is much appreciated by music lovers than Rockford Fosgate previous models for its fantastic sound quality, awesome features, high-quality materials and latest technology. Aren’t they enough?

Its crossovers are made from premium quality materials to ensure quality sound experience without any distortion. It produces 52-20,000 Hz frequency range with the sensitivity of 91dB and its power capacity is 90 Watts maximum. It fits well in any OEM vehicle. If you are looking for top rated 6.5 car speakers, this the best one for you.

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If you live in a house which has home theater system and you can’t live without music, you may think having clear and distortion-free sound in your car is a day-dream. But the good news is even if you can’t take home theater system everywhere with you and can’t simply stash it in your car, you can have “home theater-like experience” with Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

It is a full-range coaxial speaker. That means woofers and tweeters are connected together in one single speaker. It features two woofer cone in one system.

As it is a Bluetooth speaker you can use Bluetooth or cable for playing files. If you use the Bluetooth connection to fetch audio files, you don’t need to link it with your car audio player. It works within 30 feet.

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There’s no doubt that Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver) will be an excellent investment for your car stereo system. Polk’s DB series speakers are famous for extraordinary sound imaging and indeed very popular among car owners.

These speakers work with 60 watts RMS and 180 watts peak power handling. They feature 3/4 inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter that can be swiveled and 6-1/2 inch polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone woofer with rubber surround. A crossover network is deployed for accurate frequency transition.

They are built to fit 6-1/2 inch and 6-3/4 inch openings. This top rated car speaker Highly recommended for every car with required opening sizes, because you mustn’t miss the amazing sound performance of Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver) when you’ve still got the chance.

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If you want a best car speakers for sound quality, Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 full range coaxial speaker can be the best option.

ICC formula for hiding crossover and the Flex Fit Basket make the installation easier. Its PEI Dome Tweeter makes the sound as it is coming from all around the car and you feel you are not just listening to music; you are living in music!

This Vertical Attach Surround Technique applied delivers fuller and clearer distortion-free supreme quality sound within 60Hz – 22kHz frequency and gives you the ultimate experience of full-range bass.

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In case you’re wondering about replacing your old car speakers with something tremendous but within a small budget, you should go for Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5″ 300W 2-Way Plus (2) 6×9″ 400W 3-Way Car Speakers. The most amazing thing about this deal is, it brings several types of components for a complete setup.

The package includes both 2-way and 3-way speakers. 2-way speakers work with 300 watts of peak power and 30 watts of RMS power. They feature a 1 inch balanced dome tweeter and a 6.5 inch polypropylene woofer cone.

The 3-way speakers work with 400 watts of peak power and 45 watts of RMS power. They feature a 2 inch PEI balanced dome tweeter, a 1 inch ceramic super tweeter and another driver for low frequencies.

When you can have a complete stereo setup with Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5″ 300W 2-Way Plus (2) 6×9″ 400W 3-Way Car Speakers, why bother going for separate speaker purchase?

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What is the point of playing music in the car if your mind and body do not dance with it or you cannot feel it?

JBL GTO638 speaker comes with good bass, home theater-like edge-driven textile dome Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter and Patented Plus One® woofer cone to give you your desired sound and crystal clear music experience.

Mylar-Titanium super tweeter, large voice coil, and lightweight compact design make JBL GTO638 the best speakers for bass and sound quality! Its Intermount III Mounting System has made the whole installation process easier than other available speakers. And it fits almost any OEM vehicle.

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A good car speaker is not always enough for optimal sound quality. You may also need the best car audio system if your built-in audio system is not capable of producing proper audio signals.

We picked Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo with MP3 Playback considering its Single-line, multi-segmented LCD display, CD and WMA/MP3 file playing capability,  LED light for clear view, great AM/FM tuner, 5-band graphic equalizer, AUX input, high-pass and low-pass filter features and built-in MOSFET amplifier for delivering high quality noise-free desired sound.

Pioneer leads the electronic world with their great products in every field. Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo can also show its amazing charisma with Advanced Sound Retriever feature that transforms the compressed audio quality into original-like quality.

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Are you looking for the best component speaker? We have an ideal suggestion for you. Alpine SPS-610C 6-1/2″ Component 2-Way Type-S Speaker System is one of the best product of Alpine and one of the best-seller speaker in the market.

Why is it the best? ‘Cause it is manufactured with 6-1/2″ Type-S Series Component System and you know Type-S series speakers improve sonic signals of any stereo system and quickly adjust with them. You get two woofers, two tweeters and two built-in High-Grade In-Line Crossover Network in the package. It also features poly-mica woofer cone with Butyl rubber surround and wide-range silk dome tweeter.

Its Silk Dome Tweeter ensures smooth and high-frequency notes and isn’t easily damaging. Don’t worry about durability and wide audio range as Aluminum has been used in construction.

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Do you often go on long drive and love to spend holidays outdoor? If yes, you had better buy a portable waterproof Bluetooth car speaker that combines both solid protection and great performance in one box and stands out as one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers.

Our pick is Anker Sound Core Sport XL Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It comes with 15 hours long battery life and 4.1 dynamic Bluetooth system, so you never have to worry about battery backup, connection, and performance.

The manufacturer also paid heed to the protection of the speaker. The speaker is IP67 certified waterproof, dust proof and shock proof. That means the speaker doesn’t only have a long-lasting battery, but also it is tough and durable. Enjoy 15-hours nonstop playing around the year anywhere you want.

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Polk Audio DB401 4-Inch Pair Coaxial Speakers is made from polymer/mica composite and surrounded by rubber materials. This 4-inch pair speaker has not only a fantastic outlook but also a great performance. It produces smooth, sharp, and high volume sound without any strain.

It features 0.75-inch liquid-cooled silk polymer composite dome tweeters and two-way crossover. Its Multi-hole mounting pattern and 3/4 inch shallow depth make the installation process much easier for even a guy with zero technical knowledge.

I liked it for its silk made fantastic dome tweeter, surrounding rubber protection, specific drivers for high and low frequencies, great build quality and stylish outlook. So if you want the best music performance while driving, Polk Audio DB401 surely deserves your attention.

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World’s Best Car Speakers Brands In The market

Here are the brands those we imagine as an answer of someone’s asking. Here every brand has its particular product series and specialty in products specifications which made space for them in people mind and mouth. Let’s know their secret and specialty in details.

1- Pioneer Car Speakers:
A man bearing the name ‘Nozomu Matsumoto’ from Japan has started his journey to share his passion and love for music through high-quality product. You guess right he is the founder of Pioneer. The passion of the founder begins with speaker repairing and manufacturing in Matsumoto’s garage, but now he becomes a well chatting name for his pioneer car speakers, Pioneer audio system and the pioneer car stereo throughout the car sound system industry. Pioneer is also a well know name for creating innovative DJ sound equipment; they are the founder of world’s first digital vinyl turntable and the world’s first DVD turntable.

Pioneer Car Speaker Series:
The pioneer mainly offers three different series of speakers every series has its distinct specialty. The series are

D-series speakers system:
D series offers a broad range of 4-inch, 5.25 inch and 6.5-inch, and round 6 by 8-inch oval stereo speakers; these speakers are available in both component and coaxial system. D series speakers cover the frequency range from 25Hz to 40 KHz and have a power rating of 25 to 80 watts.

A-series speakers system:
A series speaker uses a unique patented basalt-aramid speaker cone for durability and quality sound arrangement. A series comes with wide range of size including dash-mounted 4 by 6 inch coaxial to 6.75 round door panel components. It has the power rating of 15 to 80 watts and frequency range of 30Hz to 37 KHz.

G-series speakers system:
The G series offers a wide-range of direct fit speakers for the vehicles. G series has 4-inch by 6-inch coaxial speaker and 4-inch coaxial speaker to change the speaker in the dash of the car. The speaker has power managing rating of 20, 25 and 30 watts.

Why I Think Pioneer is the Best?
• Pioneer uses TAD for enhancing sound experience.
• Most of their speakers are under $50
• Pioneer A series is overall better than Alpine R-Series with low price.
• High sensitivity intensifies the listening experience.
• Provides wide parts replacing facility.
• Wide range of speakers for better selection.

2- JBL car speakers:
JBL is one of the popular names in the audio industry and one of the top sellers of e-bay existing best selling list. JBL is an American based audio electronics company founded in 1946. James Bullough is the name behind this company. JBL consumer and KBL professional are two division of JBL where the second one produces professional sound equipment for the studio which includes JBL car speakers, JBL car subwoofers, tour sound and portable sound.

JBL Car Speakers Series:
JBL offers 3 series of car speakers here all series are different from one another in terms of quality, power handing capacity. The JBL car speakers price list varies for each category of speakers. More about the series is stated beneath.

• JBL GTI series:
The GTI series is JBL cutting edge car audio cycle. The series is designed for wide angle of listening experience with very high power handling capacity. This series has 10-inch, 12 inch, and 15 inch JBL subwoofer models for stretched and clean reproduction of the lowest audio frequencies. As the series combines these vast features it charges more price than usual speakers in the market.

• JBL power series:
If you are planning for a more affordable, value priced component package or a higher end coaxial speaker system, then the JBL power series will be a great option for you. This JBL car speaker series is standing on a larger 6.5-inch 2-way component system which is enough for producing high-end sound. The price range of JBL power series is $200 to $400, which is cheaper than GTI series.

• JBL GTI touring series:
If you wish you can take the entire GTI touring series or you can make a combination of this speaker and other audio system. This series includes 2-way 6.5 inch component speakers along with 6.5 inch round 2-way and 3-way coaxial system. Touring series is a better combination with an economical price.

Why I Think JBL is the Best?
• Considerably cheap as they are average customers focused.
• Easily fits in factory location so easy to upgrade.
• Water resistant facility.
• JBL provides custom made sub-woofer.
• Easily adjust with every genre of music.

3- Alpine Car Speakers
Japan is a well know name when we check the manufactured country of an electronics product. Japan can be called a land of electronics goods manufacturers. In 1960 Alpine has started their journey as a car audio manufacturer from this land of invention. Alpine is consumer electronics component manufacturer they are specially expert in manufacturing Alpine car stereo, car audio, car speaker, and navigation system. The automobile giant BMW and Honda have delivered unbranded Alpine car audio system as well as Dodge and Jaguar have delivered co-branded Alpine car audio in their vehicles.

Types of Alpine Car Speakers
Alpine categorized their speaker in different types on the basis of performance, quality and price range. The main three types of their speakers are stated below.

Type-R Speaker:
The type R speaker includes 4 coaxial speakers and 2 component speakers. This type of speaker use small neodymium magnet and solid light HD polymer frame, this combination makes them compact and light for smooth installation. The type R speaker also uses H.A.M.R (High Amplitude Multi Roll) technology adapted from Alpine admired subwoofers for clean and high impact bass experience.

Type-S Speaker:
Type-S speaker lineup 5 coaxial speakers and one component speaker that is available in wide ranges and sizes. Type-S speaker is an efficient and perfect replacement for factory speaker. This type of speaker uses HD polymer frame for superior sound and easy installation. Moreover, the soft tweeter dome adds smoothness with the sound.

Type-E Speaker:
Here is the economic combination from Alpine car audio system. The type E speakers deliver Alpine quality sound with at appealing price range. This type is an ideal choice for a simple upgrade from factory speakers. Type E speakers come in 3 popular sizes so that the size adjusts with the most of the car models. The speakers use glass fiber frame on the back and come with the installation holes.

Why I Think Alpine is the Best?
• Alpine use silk in tweeters that ensures exceptionally clear sound.
• Alpine type S speakers come with virtually every size for all size of car.
• HAMR strategy ensures cooler operation, accurate base and durability.
• Alpine care about biosphere and committed to producing low weighted speaker.
• Alpine Car audio parts go through a rigorous testing process in lab to ensure perfect quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Speakers

There is a proverb “think before you do”. Every smart guy does so. Some music lovers who love to listen to music during driving but they hardly able to find their best car speakers. They blame their fate, their car adaptability, even blame the producer. All these are vain when you have already taken your speakers. In fact, it’s not their fate or car or the producer that ruins the trade; it’s their knowledge about car speakers. Anyone having sound knowledge about car speakers will able to buy the best one for his car. If you do not want to follow their footprint, keep scrolling down the page.

Technical Terms You Should Know
We usually decide to buy a product considering its color, size, price and basic specifications. But we hardly know what those specifications actually mean.

Of course, bearing basic technical acquaintance in mind leads a person to purchase the best product available on the market.

Here I am going to detailing the basic technical acquaintances of a car speaker that you should know to choose the best car speakers for you.

What is Hz?
‘Hz’ stands for Hertz. It is an international measurement system. It measures the cycle of electric, mechanical and acoustic vibration of an object per second.

What is Tweeter?
The tweeter is one kind of speaker inside the focal speaker. It is small in size. The tweeter produces the higher-end sound frequencies for the better sound experience.

What is Woofer?
The woofer produces all of the low-ranged and mid-ranged frequencies. Typically the woofer able to generate sounds within 40Hz to 500Hz.

What is Subwoofer?
The subwoofers are one kind of woofers they produce very low-ranged sound. The sound is produced by subwoofers normally remains 20-200Hz for consumers product, below 80Hz in a movie theater, and below 100Hz for professional live sound. They do pumping the bass of the speaker.

What is Frequency?
Frequency is the rate at which something happens on a repeated basis over a particular period of time. It can be called the number of vibration occurs in a particular timeframe.

Step-1: Know Your Car Sound System And Adaptability.
Whether you intend to upgrade your sound system or repair your sound system, at first, you should check the compatibility of your car sound system. Compatibility checking involves

Stereos compatibility checking:
Stereos are of two categories high-power stereos and low-powered stereos. High-powered stereos match with low sensitivity speakers, and low-powered stereos match with high sensitivity speakers. It’s better to buy stereos and sound system together, but when you buy only speaker, ensure that the speaker matches with your existing stereos system.

Physical compatibility checking:
Not all speakers will fit with your car model. Make sure you have taken the amicable speakers for your car. To make assurance doubly sure have a look on the label of the speakers and ensure the existence of your car model on it. For further help, you may ask the shopkeeper.

Step-2: Determine Your Priority Factor Price Or Quality.
Remember the situation when you bought your gadget for the last time; I am sure you were in a dilemma whether you would take 2GB Ram + 8 MP camera or 1GB Ram + 13MP camera or something like that for a particular price range. While buying car speakers, you may face this kind of dilemma between price and quality. So it will be wise to determine which factor you will prioritize.

Step-3: Factors Have To Consider.
At this stage, I think you are prepared with your car stereos information and framed price range. It’s time to consider other factors. Here I enlisted few factors that will support you to get the best-fitted speakers for your car.

Factor No 1: Types of speakers.
Car speakers are usually two types. Depending on your need and price range you can choose one of them.

Full range speakers:
The full range audio speakers have the complete speaker fundamentals in a single package. It looks simple but smart. There is a woofer for low audio and a tweeter mounted to the woofer, both ensure you the audio highs. If you are aiming to replace factory-installed speakers, you can choose it as the best option.

Component Speakers:
Component speakers are for the music lovers who crave their music sound will be more realistic, more depth, and more live. The designers use superior speaker design to give you best possible sound experience. A typical component system contains speeder woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers. In the component system, tweeter stays separate from woofers so you can place it wherever you want.

Factor No 2: The Size
The size of the speakers varies from model to model, version to version. Be sure before purchasing your planned speakers will fit with your car size. One thing I can suggest you if you collect the measurement of your old car speakers, it will be easy for you to get the best fitted and suitable one.

Factor No 3: Sensitivity
Sensitivity dealings with how much sound a speaker produce from power applied to it. The sound sensitivity of the speaker depends on the matching of high-powered with low stereos and low-powered with high stereos.

Factor No 4: Power handling capacity
Power handling capacity means how much power the speakers could absorb to produce sound. Usually, high power handling speakers produce booming sound and low power handling sound produce relatively low-ranged sound. If you are willing to pay more for speakers, then you can go for high power handling speakers, but make sure your car has the capacity to adapt it.

Factor No 5: Internal Materials
We always admire the gadget that is the all-rounder. After considering size, sensitivity, power handling capacity you should check up if the speakers are made of durable and eco-friendly materials. You may get everything you desired, but low durability and hitting problem can trap your music experience.

Here is a checklist on some of the materials you should look for have in car speakers.

Rubber surrounds speakers are durable and give crystal clear sound.

Foam and clothes surround speakers are less durable and produce less sound than Rubber surrounds one.

The woofer materials that made of polypropylene mixed with mica or metal coated synthetic fabrics is more durable and provides the excellent bass response.

The presence of high-quality aluminum voice coil inside speakers enables the speakers for longer playing time.

Additional things you should consider when you choose your car speakers are….

Pivoting or Swiveling Tweeters:
Pivoting or Swiveling Tweeters are the great addition to sound speaker, specially for those who have no perfect place for installation. This pivoting facilitates you moving your speaker at your demand. If your car has inadequate installation space, then you should choose speakers with pivoting tweeters.

External Crossovers:
External crossovers separate the frequencies sent to the woofer and the frequencies sent to tweeters. Here the woofer and tweeter don’t waste energy by trying to reproduce frequencies. Mostly they are not proposed to reproduce.

Step-4: Select And Purchase You Preferred Speakers:
After evaluating your would be car speaker depending on these steps, you can select a particular model that suits most of the requirements. Selecting a particular model you can purchase best car speakers from an online shop or a physical shop. Wherever you go, don’t forget to follow few more steps for security purpose.

  • Check the warranty policy of the seller.
  • Check the money back policy.
  • Check the customer support facilities.
  • If you go for online buying, don’t forget to read the reviews.

Though it is impossible for a brand to be the synonym of a product name, still it is possible to be in the imagination and suggestion of people minds and mouths, and I think Pioneer, JBL, and Alpine did this job sophisticatedly. Quality, credibility, and performance of a brand can make a space for the brand in people’s imagination and suggestion as well as having knowledge of best car speakers brands and car sound syste

Car Speakers System

When you are equipping to choose your car speaker you will have to choose one from two options, one is full range speaker, and another is component speaker.

Full Range Speaker:
Full-range speaker system is the most common and traditional speaker system. A full-range system holds all the speaker rudiments in one basket. If a car has only one speaker in each door then most probably it is a full-range system. Full range speaker is also known as coaxial speaker. You should go for full-range system if you are aiming to reinstate factory speakers system with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Individuality of a Full-range Speaker System:
• Better combination within balance budget.
• The high-range system is able to produce sound like component system.
• Built-in tweeter minimizes the installation space.
• Easy to install.
• No need of crossover.

Component Speaker:
Component system will give you a superior speaker design that provides you the best possible musical experience. The component system is planned to dedicate audio frequencies to separate speaker types. A high-end component system produces better audio than coaxial car speaker system. A customary component speaker system includes separate tweeters, separate woofers, and external crossover.

Individuality of Component Speaker System:
• Able to produce clear depth and live sound.
• Component system is made of better materials than coaxial.
• It will cost you more bucks than coaxial.
• Complex to install.
• Require crossover to install.

Type of car Speakers

Car speakers are categorized in 5 different types that should ideally be integrated with every vehicle for the finest listening experience. The types are stated below.

Tweeters Speaker:
Tweeters are responsible for producing high-frequency sounds. The high-frequency sound includes crashing cymbals, blaring alto saxophone, and whistles. The tweeter also produces the vocals, guitars, horns and other high range sounds that make the music sparkle and live. Tweeters are also essential for apposite surrounding effect of the music, so that the listener realize that the sounds are coming from the around of him rather than one explicit side.

How Tweeter Works

A traditional speaker fabricates sound by using an electromagnet to move a flexible cone back and forth. On the other side a tweeter moves a flexible cone or a diaphragm to and fro very quickly to produce the sound waves

Super Tweeters Speaker:
Super tweeters generate greater range of sound frequencies than tweeters. The super tweeter is one kind of speaker driver that projected to produce ultra-range frequencies in a multi-driver sound system. Super tweeter is used to get royelatic and realistic sound experience from the car stereo. It is used in component speaker system which operates crossover units to direct all the ultra-range frequencies straight to the super tweeter. Adding super tweeter in a car speaker system is the utmost arrangement for listening music.

Midrange Speaker:
Midrange, the name says the duty of this speaker driver. It crafts a bridge between two different types’ frequencies. Midrange deals the sound between high frequencies and low frequencies. This range of speaker is essential because it is able to fabricate a lot of details that a woofer and a tweeter cannot. A mid-range speaker driver produces sound in the frequency of 250Hz to 2000Hz; it is also identified as a squawker. A mid-range speaker is called the most requisite part of the audible sound scale, the region where the most fundamentals emitted by the musical apparatus and the human voice lie.

Woofers Speaker:
A woofer is a technical synonym of the loudspeaker driver. The woofer is designed to produce low frequencies such as grunge guitars or bass drums; typically the frequencies range from 40Hz to 500 Hz. The universal design for a woofer is the electrodynamics driver which usually uses a stiff paper cone driven by a voice coil enclosed by a magnetic edge. In a full-range speaker system woofer is the superior bottom section of the speaker. The woofer is a multifaceted member of full-range speaker system, but in the component system, it covers a particular range of low frequencies.

Subwoofers Speaker:
Subwoofer is like a treat for bass lover. The subwoofer is one kind of woofer which produces lowest frequencies of a sound system. The standard frequency range of a subwoofer varies on different entities. The standard range for consumer product is 20-200Hz, for professional live sound is below 200 Hz. A subwoofer is large in size and it requires its own corral. An amplifier is needed to power up the subwoofer then it will be ready to produce boosted bass sound that is much deeper and heavier than normal sound. In this scientific world powerful subwoofer becomes the central focal point of car audio system’s competition.

Car Speaker Sizes

When you are planning to get a best speaker for your car, size is a crucial factor. Different sizes speaker fit with different models of car but you have to choose the right one for yourself. Here I am going to introduce you with the some wide-used speaker sizes for the car.

3.5-inchi speaker:
3.5-inch speakers are known as mid to high-range speaker that normally fit into the dash ports of the car. Most cases this range of speakers is placed closest to the driver’s ears.

5 inch and 5.5-inch speaker:
5-inch speakers are widely used in Japanese vehicles. The manufacturers of Japanese vehicles use this speaker by default in their vehicles. 5.5 inch speakers are popular because of their fitting capability and loud sound. These speakers can be easily fitted with myriad ports of the vehicles.

6.5 inch and 6 ¾ inch speaker:
6.5 inch and 6 ¾ inch are the most popular car speaker sizes throughout the whole car sound industry. The 6.5-inch speaker is able to produce amazing sound of low to high frequencies without diminishing much clarity. The 6 ¾ inch is your basic run of the mill speaker’s size. This mid to low range speaker matches with the most of car models and also capable to produce much deeper bass tone than 6.5 inch speakers.

5 by 7-inch car speaker:
This size of the speaker is fairly sensible and fits with a wide verity of vehicle models. This size is also proficient in producing high sound with amazing clarity. But the drawback of the speaker is it uses the exact port and without proper adaptation, it cannot be used in all vehicles.

6 by 9-inch speaker:
This speaker is an excellent choice for you if you are found of amazing sound range without blowing your ears out. With the power of deepest bass and short of installing subwoofers, it is unbeatable. This kind of speaker is considerably smaller than subwoofers and woofers but entails a lot of space.

Frequently Asked And Questions about Car Speaker

How Are Car Speakers Rated For Quality And Performance?

Car speakers are rated for quality and performance basing on two things: capacity and components.

By capacity I mean, the speaker’s capability to produce sound. There are several measurement units for that. The required stuffs are power handling (Peak/RMS), frequency response range, impedance and sensitivity.

In case you’re thinking why these things matter, here’s the answer. Every electronic device runs on electric power, and since speakers are electronic device, it’s applicable for them as well. They run on power and this varies with models.

By power handling rate, you can know how much wattage a speaker can take or what sort of amplifier will be suitable for your system. Frequency response range gives you an idea of the frequencies that will get covered by a certain speaker. Impedance decides the signal transition rate and sensitivity depicts the decibal.

These things, all together, make a speaker capable of playing sound and their states reflect the speaker’s quality.

And here comes the second important thing: components. Components or drivers are the most important part of a speaker since they are the ones that produce sound.

Sound frequencies are divided in three groups: treble, mid-range and bass. The high frequencies are known as treble, low frequencies are called bass and the frequencies in between that can’t be categorized as treble or bass are proclaimed to be mid or mid-range.

Separate drivers are deployed for these three frequency groups. These drivers individually produce these frequencies and that’s why the sound quality particularly depends on them. The materials that have been used, the construction method and the mechanism – all of these are responsible for a speaker’s audio performance.

Can I Use 4 Ohms Car Speakers To Replace 8 Ohms Car Speakers?

Yes, you can use 4 ohms car speakers to replace 8 ohms car speakers. In fact, as you know, low ohm means more power, so it’d be better if you go with 4 ohms speakers. They sound more powerful than the ones with 8 ohms.

4 ohms speakers’ performance can be brought with 8 ohms speakers, in case you didn’t know. For this, you’ll have to deploy two 8 ohms speaker, because combining two speakers with such impedance will be able to produce similar audio like a single 4 ohms speaker.

What’s the Difference Between 2-Way and 3-Way Speakers?

The difference is actually pretty simple, but also pretty massive in one sense. These ‘ways’ are actually determined by the number of components of a speaker.

Usually, the 2-way speaker features a tweeter and a subwoofer, when a 3-way speaker includes a mid-range driver as well. However, the ‘way’ necessarily doesn’t have to be like this always. A speaker that has a super tweeter instead of a mid-range driver or another tweeter along with a woofer and a tweeter, is also a 3-way speaker.

What Does An “Amplifier” Do To Your Car Speakers?

An additional amplifier is not necessary for domestic setup, but it can surely do wonder to your car. In fact, an amplifier is a must for quality car stereo sound.

Amplifier boosts the sound and enriches the quality. It takes the stereo/player output and increase the signal strength, then transmit it to the speaker. That way the audio sounds more detailed and louder than it’d do during a direct player-to-speaker transition.

How to Connect Phone to Car Stereo?

The phone can be connected to car stereo in several ways.

Normally, all multimedia phones/smartphones have a Bluetooth feature. Many modern car stereos are Bluetooth enabled, you can easily form a connection between your phone and the receiver. If your car stereo is not Bluetooth enabled, you can either replace it with a Bluetooth enabled system or use a Bluetooth kit for connection.

Car stereos include AUX and headphone ports. The phone can be connected using these analogue ways. Otherwise, you can connect it through USB cable if your car sound system happens to have a USB port.

These are the most common methods for connecting phone to the car stereo. If you want to, FM transmitter or cassette adapter can also come handy.

What Is The Purpose Of A Crossover Network?

You’ll often see, many speakers feature an integrated crossover network. Sometimes you can establish one yourself also, though a little bit of skill is required.

The purpose of a crossover network is to maintain the purity of frequency. Separate drivers produce different types of frequencies. These frequencies often end up in the wrong direction and manipulate the audio. Crossover network prevents them from going to the wrong direction, thus maintains the spontaneous quality of sound.

How Should I Choose A Car Subwoofer?

The things that must be considered for choosing a car subwoofer are these: power, the terminals and the size. You should have a clear concept of subwoofer power if you don’t want it to sound weak or burn it by overpowering. Terminals depict the connection choices. The size is important because the subwoofer has to match the car stereo area and the space it has for a subwoofer/a set of subwoofer

What Is Impedance?

Impedance is a measurement unit to measure a speaker’s sound producing capacity. Impedance decides the signal flowing rate at a certain wattage limit. It is measured by the unit of Ohm.

What Are Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers?

Casually, the subwoofers we see, are single voice coil subwoofers. These subwoofers include only one voice coil and this is the only impedance source for the particular driver.

In DVCS, two voice coils are installed. Though these voice coils are linked to one single cone, they still use separate connections. These individual connections give them the liberty to share impedance and configure with higher power handling. The use of double voice coils also expands the choices of wiring.

How Does Ohm Affect Sound Quality?

The impedance of a speaker is generally mentioned in the speaker details, because it partially determines the speaker’s capability.

The power consumption rate increases with the ohm’s fall. Less ohm means, the speaker is capable of taking more wattage, and this ability grows as the ohm rate goes down.

Final Thought About Best Car Speakers

If you are still with me, it means you have read my top 12 product reviews, got a clear understanding of car speakers systems and different type of car speakers, come to know about car speaker sizes and popular car speaker brands as well as things one should consider before buying a car speaker. It is the longest and most informative guide on can speaker. I have shared my 9-year experience and covered everything you should know to buy the best car speakers.

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