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Hello, I am Robert, your marketing lecturer for next 50 seconds! (Just kidding.)

Do you know the term word of mouth?

In the original sense, ‘word of mouth is a way of passing information one to another through oral communication.

In the marketing sense ‘word of mouth is a process of spreading a product or brand advantages and disadvantages to one another through oral communication’.

Normally, people do this as a means of expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular product or service to their nearest ones.

Word of mouth is the greatest external factor that can boost the sales of a company and can make a company a brand. Positive word of mouth can promote a business, but negative one can destroy a company. However, a company has to produce consistent good product to get positive word of mouth from its customers.

Let’s introduce with such 7 best car sound system brand that turned into top 7 global brands because of their consistent performance and people’s positive words of mouth.

Overview of The 7 Best Car Sound System Brand in The World

1. Pioneer:

Best Car Speaker Brands

Nozomu Matsumoto is the founder of Pioneer audio system. In 1938, he wanted to express his passion and love for the music through sound instruments with everyone. He started his journey and became one of the Top car speaker manufacturers in the industry. With the slogan “Move the heart and touch the soul” Pioneer has been delivering great car audio system for the music lover.

Pioneer Car Speakers Series:

Pioneer has started its journey to satisfy the music thirst of the music lover. I think they have been doing their job perfectly as they have already introduced different Pioneer car stereo and models for various classes of listeners. They made what their audience actually want. Here I am going to discuss three different series of Pioneer speakers and audio systems which are different from one another.

Primarily Pioneer offers three different series of car speakers. They are…

  1. D-series speakers
  2. A-series speakers
  3. G-series speakers

Pioneer D-series Speakers:

2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6x9 360 Watt...

D Series speakers are available in both component system and coaxial system. These speakers are available in broad range of 4”, 5.25”, and 6.5” round and 6 by 8” oval stereo speakers. D-series speakers have a power rating of 25 to 80 watts. And cover 25Hz to 40 Hz frequency range.

Pioneer A-series Speakers:

PIONEER TS-A1670F 3-Way 320 Watt A-Series...

Pioneer A-series speakers have unique patented basalt-Aramid speaker cone which makes the speakers durable and enables to produce quality reproduction. This series is in the same category of the Alpine R-series speakers with overall same frequency response and lower price. The speakers come in dash-mounted 4 by 6″ full range system and 6.75” component system. A-series speakers have power aptitude rating of 15-80 watts and frequency range of 30Hz to 37 KHz.

Pioneer G-series Speakers:

Pioneer TS-G1320S 5-1/4' 2-Way Coaxial...

Among all the speaker brands series G-series in one of them who offer direct replacement system for OME (Original Equipment Manufacturer). G-series offers 4″ and 4″ by 6″ coaxial speaker with power handling aptitude of 20 watts, 25 watts, and 30 watts.

Two special series of Pioneer speakers and audio system

1. The PRS Component Speaker line:

The PRS includes two different sets of speakers intended to the purist audiophile. The speakers are available in either 5.25 inches or 6.75 inches round with separate tweeters. The frequency range of the speakers is 25Hz to 32 KHz and has the power handling capability of 30 watts and 50 watts.

2. Special Application Series:

This series of speakers are made to deliver elevated quality sound, great frequency range, and power handling aptitude. These speakers are designed for some special cases where normal speakers are unable to adjust such as limited depth, special size, no panel cutting.

Why do I think Pioneer is the Best?

  • Plate steel and aluminum frame of the speaker ensures high heat applications and the right balance.
  • TAD technology enhances the sound and clarity of the speaker.
  • High sensitivity ensures clarity and precision.
  • Pioneer offers champion subwoofers for the music geek.
  • Pioneer facilitates easy parts replacement facility.
  • A wide range of models and sizes for better selection.

Drawbacks of Pioneer Car Speakers:

  1. The interface of the stereo is not good enough.
  2. So many navigation buttons create a predicament for the new user.
  3. Mode changing from disc to radio requires considerable time.

2. JBL Car Speakers :JBL GTO609C Speaker

Number 2 car speakers brand JBL is an American based audio manufacturer company. It started the journey in 1946 and later became one of the best-selling speaker brands of the industry.  JBL’s headquarter situated in California, USA.  JBL’s primary products are loudspeakers and associated electronics. The JBL professional division mainly manufactures the JBL speakers, JBL woofers, and subwoofers for the vehicles.

JBL Car Speakers Series:

JBL CLUB6520 6.5' 300W Club Series 2-Way...

If you like stepping on the road in your personal control booth, then JBL is the way to go. It’s every series has its distinct specification to charm your feeling. JBL manufactures three different car speaker categories. They are JBL GTI-series, JBL power series, and JBL touring series.

1. JBL GTI Series Speaker:

JBL 670GTi 6-1/2' Component System

The GTI series is designed for diehard music lovers with an extensive range of listening competence and very high-power absorbing capacity. The series includes 10”, 12”, and 15” JBL subwoofers model for the tight and clean reproduction of the lowest audio frequencies.

2. jbl grand touring series:

JBL ground touring series is an excellent selection for JBL quality at an economical price. Here, you can assemble your entire audio system with this grand touring series, or you can craft a combination of sound system with various audio systems with it. This series offers two-way 6.5″ component speakers addition to 6.5″ two-way and three-way full range system.

3. JBL Power Series

JBL Stage 9603 420W Max (140W RMS) 6' x 9' 4...

JBL power series for those music lovers who demand more realistic music experience than the average listener. The series has both value-priced components enclose and higher end full range system, which is based on large 6.5 ” two-way component speaker system. The speakers are mated with high-bandwidth edge-driven textile dome tweeters that enable the speakers more akin to high-end system.

Why I Think JBL is the Best?

  • JBL focuses on average customer demand.
  • Focuses on minimize sound distortion.
  • Affordability does not affect quality.
  • Able to produce excellent balance & Pitch and provides thumping bass.
  • Easily fits with majority vehicles.
  • Easy to install.
  • JBL subwoofer comes in both pre-manufactured and custom made sizes.
  • Award-winning brand.
  • JBL offers dual coils 1200 watts peak power speakers.

Drawbacks of JBL Speakers:

  1. Most of JBL speakers come without mounting brackets.
  2. Comparatively higher price for the same product than other brands.

3. Alpine

best car speakers brands

Alpine is a well-known brand from Japan. They have been manufacturing car speaker, stereo, audio system since 1960. Alpine audio system and car speakers were used in BMW, Honda, Jaguar and Dodge vehicles. Alpine also offers a wide range of electronics substances including car-multimedia, amplifiers, subwoofers, and signal processing instrument.

Alpine Car Speaker Series

Alpine has been producing various types of speakers focusing on listeners demand. They mainly made three types of speakers here every type of speaker has some distinct quality, and both three are different from one another.

1. Type-R Speakers:

Alpine Type R 12 Inch 2250 Watt Max 4 Ohm...

Type-R speaker comprises 2 component speakers and 4 full range speakers. H.A.M.R technology used in R-series speakers admired the subwoofers for clean and high-impact bass experience. This series also use the neodymium magnet and solid light HD polymer frame which enables the speakers solid and light.

2. Type-E speakers

Type E speakers are called the most economical combination of other types of speakers of Alpine.  E Series speakers are available in three sizes. Interestingly, all these three sizes adjust with most of the cars’ installation space. The speakers are built with glass fiber frame on the back and have the installation holes for smooth and tight installation.

3. Type-S speakers

Type S speakers come with one component speakers and 5 full range speakers. This series facilitates a wide range of combination of size and quality. R-series is proficient for perfect replacement of factory speakers. This type of speakers uses HD polymer frame around the speakers so that it can correctly fluctuate and make clear and vigorous sound. Tweeters used in this S series are soft and smooth that craft strong bass for the music.

Why I Think Alpine is the Best?

  • Alpine produces eco-friendly speakers.
  • Alpine offers Bluetooth accessories as a part of its products.
  • Alpine offers a good selection of middle-range speakers for the listeners.
  • Alpine combines quality and reliability even in a cheap price speaker set.
  • Alpine also offers excellent CD players to complement new speakers.

Cons of Alpine Car Speakers:

  1. You will hardly get any speaker set below $100.
  2. Alpine speakers have very low level of distortion.
  3. Alpine speakers’ sensitivity is in average level.

4. Polk Audio:

Polk Audio

Polk Audio is one of the best car sound system brand in car audio products. Polk founded in 1972 as an audio product manufacturer, which is well recognized for home and automobile speakers. Polk also produces a wide range of audio product including amplifiers and FM tuners. From the beginning period, Polk is committed to craft high quality and great sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone.

Polk Audio Car Speaker Series

Polk produces both home and automobiles speakers, in automobiles speaker it has produced three different series. All the series has its specialty, let’s know more about these series.

1. The MM1 Series

MM1 is the latest speaker series of Polk audio company; they said it’s the next generation speaker of their vastly-acclaimed mobile monitor series. The series is made with envisaged design and engineered to deliver utmost premium quality sound to the listener.  MM1 speakers are committed to producing great sound in everywhere; it does not matter for this series that what kind of automobile you are in.

2. The Signature Reference Series

It is the top most speaker series of Polk audio system. The series uses high-tech and exotic materials like Aerated Polypropylene cones, Neodymium magnets and polyamide voice coil for greatness of the speakers.

Once A world renowned magazine quoted,

 “The best component speaker sets and coaxes we have tested, it has the best performance, best engineered and the best cosmetics.”

3. The DB+ series

These are the baseline speakers of Polk, but they are the high-quality premium speaker. If you desire to get a space-saving design and thunderous sonic output that fits almost every vehicle, then DB+ will meet your desire. These are the best for someone who is searching for better sound at an affordable price.

Why do I think Polk is the Best?

  • One of the best-selling speaker brands of Amazon’s existing best sellers list.
  • Polk uses premium materials to make sure their products are second to none.
  • Polk participates in research at John Hopkins University to make their product better off the line.
  • Polk speakers are assembled with the updated technology.
  • Polk Audio has received a positive review from some famous automobile magazines.
  • Polk also produces water resistant marine speakers.

5. Kicker:


With few resources and intense love for music, ‘Steve Irby’ started the mobile stereo enclosure market from his Stillwater, Oklahoma community in 1973. When Steve Irby developed the concept of car audio system, it was the first full frequency range speaker system particularly designed for cars and trucks. At the very beginning, Kicker started hand-building professional speakers system in a narrow one car garage but by time passes it becomes one of the finest car speaker manufacturers in the world of vehicle music industry. From the beginning period, ‘Steve Irby’ has been controlling the Kicker with his expertise.

Kicker Car Speaker Series:

Kicker produces speakers, subwoofers, amplifier and other automobiles parts but they always maintain some differences in each type of product. Car speaker production is a well-acclaimed section for Kicker. They divided their speakers into four different series. The series is stated below.

1. QS Series Speakers:

QS Point source and component speakers are said more than finest sounding speaker they ever made. An 18dB crossover with the built-in tweeter protection designed for trouble free installation and brilliant sound. The QS series crossovers are capable of bi-amplifier. The ultra-light and ultra-stiff materials deliver incredible response and apparent sound of the speakers. The QS series tweeters are smooth & versatile and the tweeter is placed in the center of the voice coil with the custom wave guide.

2. KS-series Speakers:

KS series is made for performance, realism, and reality. A heavy-duty motor structure with EVC technology creates remarkable bass for KS- series speakers. It has ¾” silk dome tweeter inside the speaker. Here, the easily mounted 2-way crossover with the tweeter level control allows you to customize the sound of the speaker for the best sonic quality sound. The neodymium power plant and in-line 12dB crossovers will deliver you excellent sounding experience. All the sizes of KS-series speakers are easily convertible to the coaxial configuration.

3. CS Series Speakers:

The CS series provides remarkable performance and clean bass. You can replace your speakers with CS component speakers to get a new dimension in volume and clarity. Titanium Tweeter and two-way crossover along with tweeter level control allow you to customize your sound for the best eminence. CS series two and tree way coaxial speakers are a good recommendation for upgrading anyone’s sound system. Here stamped-steel framework and zero-protrusion tweeters will support a rigid polypropylene cone and produce excellent sound without prying with factory grilles. The CS series component tweeters have neodymium magnets and 20 mm titanium domes which reveal every musical detail for the listener.

4. DS Series Speakers:

The DS series coaxial speakers fit with almost every vehicle door and produce vivid sound. The high sensitivity motor is capable of making loud volume in every genus; it doesn’t matter whether you are using a factory head unit or a high Amplifier. The zero protrusion PEI dome tweeter makes crisp and clean music without receiving the way of factory grilles and window motors.

6. Kenwood:

Kenwood speakers

Kenwood is a USA based leading developer and producer of consumer electronics and communication apparatus. Since 1946 Kenwood is the name of reliable products with great sound and stylish aesthetics, it has a reputation for bringing new products to the consumer electronics market. Kenwood is committed to manufacturing updated personal entertainment and communication gear in the world. And that’s the reason Kenwood is one of the top car speaker brands in the world.

Kenwood Speakers:

Kenwood makes vehicle car speakers for almost every car and within every budget limit. The sports series speaker of Kenwood is a great replacement for burned-out factory speakers system. Use of updated gears in the sound system takes the sound performance of Kenwood speakers to the next level of enjoyment.

Kenwood Subwoofers:

Kenwood subwoofers are known for gripping sound quality and style. They have the ability to redefine your sound experience. Kenwood makes a wide range and size of subwoofers to ensure adaptability for the different model of car stereo system. The depth of these subwoofers usually fit with almost every application model.

Kenwood Amplifier:

Kenwood manufactures car amplifiers for the music lover; their amplifiers are designed to deliver excellent performance and reliability to meet the needs of the listeners. High-end amplifiers of Kenwood are manufactured with high standard design, materials quality, and workmanship. The Kenwood amplifiers come with different classes, different channels, and different sizes. Though the high-end amplifiers of Kenwood cost some extra bucks, they deserve it. Kenwood usually manufactures two-channel amplifier, multi-channel amplifier, and mono channel amplifier.

7. Boston Acoustic:

Boston Acoustic

In 1979, Boston Acoustic was founded as a company dedicated to creating products with advanced quality and design. Advent veterans Andy Kosatos and Frank Reed were the name behind the foundation of Boston Acoustics. The aim of the company is to combine high performance with elegance which will lead their innovative products to deliver authentic and clear sound from bedroom to backyard and wherever the people are. Boston acoustic manufactures subwoofers, full range speakers, and amplifiers for the music lovers.

Boston Acoustic Subwoofers:

Boston acoustic has been producing subwoofers in different quality and different price ranges. Typically the price of Boston acoustic subwoofers varies from $80 to $400.

A mid-range subwoofer normally has:

  1. Power Vent turning for optimum competence extension and impact.
  2. Sure set over drive fortification.
  3. Mid-high range of power handling capacity.
  4. Two-tone automatic grade carpet.
  5. High valued MDF enclosures with glued and dado ends
  6. Mid-high range of impedance that easily matches with amplifiers.
  7. Powerful nickel plated terminals.

Boston Acoustic Speakers:

Boston Acoustic hardly produces low price speakers they normally provide high-end full range speakers with the highest efficiency. The maximum price of the Boston speakers is almost $1200.

A standard Boston Acoustic speakers have these features:

  1. 5 ¼ copolymer cone woofer with neodymium magnet and 1.5-inch voice coil.
  2. Woofers surrounded by butyl rubber.
  3. 1-1.5” type dome tweeter
  4. Lockable and separable crossovers.
  5. Simple installation facility.
  6. Cast aluminum woofer basket.
  7. The use of neodymium offers an extraordinary power-weight ratio for the speakers.

Boston Acoustic Amplifier:

The amplifier is for high bass and high-quality sound. Boston also manufactures some high-end amplifiers. The price of the Boston amplifier varies from $100 to $350.

Here are some specifications that a mid-range Boston amplifier has

  1. High competence and class D design.
  2. Q- tune circuitry for trouble-free bass output optimization.
  3. Adjustable and selectable crossovers.
  4. The crossovers are Lowpass or Highpass.
  5. Wrap-around heatsink structure for sufficient cooling in multiple mounting situations.
  6. Systematical circuitry topology exercises balanced asymmetrical inputs for noise cancelation.

Wrapping It Up

These are the 7 world’s top car sound system brand, and they achieved this top position because of their consistent performance and a heap of positive words of mouth. Sometimes they fail as it all about technology and technology must have some risks. But at the end of the day, they deliver the world’s top-rated sound materials for music lovers around the world.

Now it’s your task to choose the best-fitted speaker or sound material that goes with your stereo and budget. Hope you will be a source of positive word of mouth for your selected brand from the top 7 best cars sound system brand. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box below.

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